Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 24, 2012 Zechariah 1:7,8,10,11,20 Chapter 2: 6

This week was really awesome. It was awesome to hear dads voice for a second. The scripture of the week Is Alma 7:27. and here is The scriptural evidence of Santa clause Zechariah 1:7,8,10,11,20 chap 2 verse 6. This week was really good. The Christmas program was fun but we gave up 2 whole days of proselyting  Even so we found lots of new people to teach and we are baptizing rocios older daughter this Saturday  angela. I am really excited to speaking with you guys tomorrow. Ill be Skype calling at 12 o clock noon your time. Like I said if you guys want to divide up the time or not depends on ya'll. We found some new families this week. I love teaching families. I feel the spirit so strongly every day and learn something new every day. we ran into a family that me and elder beazer baptized in los cedrosa .I sent a pic. Well not much time to write today but tomorrow we will talk face to face!!!
Elder HUrley

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