Tuesday, December 11, 2012

November 4, 2012 Alma 5:62

Hello family!!
Thanks for all your letters they make me smile. The scripture of the week is Alma 5:62. Funny seeing mom as waldo haha. thats a good look. The shawn made me laugh a lot too haha. Thats funny that you say you are a cheater. My companion and I were talking about how everyone at home cheats on fasts haha cuz here the members start fasting after lunch saturday and fast until lunch sunday. But yeah dont worry about me getting enough food. The majority of people eat a lot. haha it is a fight for me every day to try to finish everything that is on my plate. But the food is really good always. This week we went to do service at a little town that is in my area called san carlos. They are just finally getting sewage system in and we helped them this week with that. I got a big blister haha. (see foto) Also made an awesome reference box this week with slits for each organization. We are teaching quite a few familys which is such a blessing. It is really hard here to find two civilly married people that have kids. But we are teaching some and one lady accepted a baptismal date for the 17th but then didnt make it to church yesterday. I have really grown to love soccer. We play every monday and friday at 530 in the morning and it is so fun.  Thanks for all your support and love. Don´t be too worried about the christmas package, if I got nothing id still have a lot more than most the world. I liked the ctr rings you sent last year I passed those all out to kids fast. It would be cool but I don´t know how possible to find HLJ rings. Love all serve all
Elder Hurley

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