Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 24, 2012 Zechariah 1:7,8,10,11,20 Chapter 2: 6

This week was really awesome. It was awesome to hear dads voice for a second. The scripture of the week Is Alma 7:27. and here is The scriptural evidence of Santa clause Zechariah 1:7,8,10,11,20 chap 2 verse 6. This week was really good. The Christmas program was fun but we gave up 2 whole days of proselyting  Even so we found lots of new people to teach and we are baptizing rocios older daughter this Saturday  angela. I am really excited to speaking with you guys tomorrow. Ill be Skype calling at 12 o clock noon your time. Like I said if you guys want to divide up the time or not depends on ya'll. We found some new families this week. I love teaching families. I feel the spirit so strongly every day and learn something new every day. we ran into a family that me and elder beazer baptized in los cedrosa .I sent a pic. Well not much time to write today but tomorrow we will talk face to face!!!
Elder HUrley

Sister Turks Blog Morning Devotional December 19, 2012


Jam Packed with Excitement!

What a wonderful day we had yesterday...

Our morning devotional was Special...
We talked about the 3 greatest gifts that we have each been given
The Book of Mormon/restored Gospel
The Holy Ghost
The Savior, Jesus Christ.
We had five of our missionaries give their unbelievable 
stories of conversion and love for the Book of Mormon.
Elder Hurley played and sang an original song he wrote
about 2 Nephi 4.

I spoke on the Holy Ghost
We had Oh that I were an Angel
We had Elder Olivares play a medley on the piano
of Sacred Christmas songs.
We had "How can I be" sung by Elder Bulmini
 with a slide show of all our missionaries
President Turk spoke on the Savior.
We had "One Solitary Life" read with music
in the background...

Then we moved to the Cultural Hall.
Our 1800 Celebration was fantastic
We gathered in a circle
We sang "We are as the Army of Helaman"
We had a couple of members share how their lives had been changed
forever because of the missionary work that has taken place this last year.
We knelt and thanked our Heavenly Father for His help
and called upon the powers of Heaven to move us forward with our new goals.
We then ate Cake and took pictures.

They all got their gifts of new ties and scarves for the show.
We went to Lunch and then went to the Institute for our practice.
Our afternoon practice for the show went smoothly
And the Christmas Spectacular Program in the Plaza
was a huge success! 
Fireworks and all.

We will do it all over again on Thursday
with the second half of the mission.

Congratulations to our Missionaries on all their successes.

December 22, 2012 Christmas Program in The Plaza from Sister Turks Blog

Last Program in the Plaza...

Here we all are right before the last program in the Plaza.
The missionaries looked and sounded like Angels.
They truly were a light to Trujillo last night.

It is just a magnificent backdrop for a special program.
After we performed the Nativity with narration, songs and multimedia...
We threw in a few more songs to explain who we are
and what we believe and where to find us 
if they want to listen to the Gospel.

We have just one afternoon for practicing with everyone.
The missionaries listen carefully and focus intently. 

Here is the short stomp segment from "Seize the Day"

The crowd went crazy when we waved the Peruvian flag
after singing the great song 
"Do you hear the people sing" from Les Miserables.
We changed a few words in the Spanish version
to represent religious freedom.

It is so sweet that all these missionaries from all over the world
can come here and fall in love with 
this country and the people where they serve.

We have a Colombian raising the Peruvian flag
with North Americans, Mexicans, Chileanos etc...
holding him up 
and then our whole choir erupts in cheers with them. 
We all love Peru!

Elder Cornejo was our narrator and oh what a talent he has with that microphone.
Our missionaries cheered the first time they heard him.
He was also over all publicity and printing.
Elder Richards is the only one that I could trust on the computer
with all the background music behind the narrations
and with all the special musical numbers, music to the fireworks
sound effects etc...
He was also the voice and Ho Ho Ho's of Santa.
He is extremely talented.

Here are Elders Castillo and Castillo.
Elder Castillo standing was our drummer specialist.
Elder Castillo (sitting down) was our multi media specialist.
He had the bible videos of the Nativity running behind narration
and then he would freeze them and put up still shots and 
then start the video again.... etc.. It was perfect.
and a lot of hard work.  He also did all of our power points 
for the devotional and videos behind special numbers
and a slide show of all the baptisms put to music 
that ran the whole time we were eating cake
and taking photos.

Elder Mecham helped with all the multi media also and did all the translations
for my talks, any songs, and One Solitary Life which 
Elder Guerrero read with background music.
Elder Guerrero was also in charge of the physical facilities.
He had all the reference tables, materials, buildings, etc...
Poor Elder Mecham is my go to guy for anything and everything.
He never lets me down.
His list is always as long as his arm.
He is over all the missionaries... getting them wherever and 
whenever they need to be somewhere.

No matter which way the camera was facing... 
 all you could see were throngs of people.
 I was getting a little nervous as people were crowding up towards the front
to take pictures.

We want to thank all the members that came and brought their friends
and neighbors.  It was a sight to behold.

 Our reference tables were stationed all over the plaza and 
they were mobbed.
And that's what we wanted.
Look at this view...  People Everywhere.

We finished with the crowd pleasing song...
We are the World... Somos el Mundo
the audience joined in on the last chorus.

We always have Santa come and head out in the crowd 
with our missionaries following him.
They all have bags of candy and are able to talk to the people
Greet them, Invite them, Wish them a Merry Christmas, etc...

This year the show was entitled  "Light of the World"
and in the last line of the show we said...

Ladies and Gentlemen,
in honor and love for our Savior Jesus Christ,
who truly is the Light of the World
We give you now a glorious show of Light.

Then we had a barrage of fireworks 
with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing
the Hallelujah Chorus and Joy to the World.

It was a Spectacular Ending.

Elder Cook and Elder Fackrell were in charge of the white doves,
the fireworks, all the permits and city paper work, 
all the food, and they were performers.
They really did so much more that I can't list what they did.
Thank you to Elder Sandiford my photographer 
and Elder Levos my Videographer.
Videos still to come.
The office elders were also in charge of all the lighting, 
the large screen, the sound systems, the chairs etc... 
The list is long but it was worth it.

December 22, 2012 Post by Sister Turk from her Blog Christmas Program

Feliz Navidad desde la Misión Perú Trujillo!

Here's just a little bit of our program...
What is not captured are the doves flying into the choir
after being let go after Silent Night...
I think one hit Elder Brian in the head.

The fireworks were spectacular but we were too busy 
watching to tape them.

December 17, 2012 Luke 10:30-35

Dear Family,
This week was really great! The scripture of the week is Lucas 10:30-35. We had zone leader council with president this past week which is always an amazing experience. Learned more deeply about service. He who gives always gets more than he who receives. We played futbol after which is always really fun. As you know the Christmas program is going to be this week. I am also going to be singing a song I wrote at the mission christmas devotional on Tuesday and on Thursday  There was a missionary whose parents are coming to the show in Peru and they wanted to see him sing, I am already singing in a number and singing both days at the devotional so i'm giving him my les mis solo I was going to sing. either way you guys will see me in the o holy night song. I will pre call you guys this Friday  and will call on Christmas day. You guys can decide how you want to split up the 40 minutes if you want to do like 5 minutes each and 15 all together or something or just do it all together or all separated  however you wanna do it. We will just do the Skype thing like last time. I can probably do it any time on Christmas but best will probably be at like 2 in the afternoon. see what time will work best for everyone and we will decide on Friday when I call. This week we also did a service project where we basically torn down a whole house. Really fun. haha. Rocio is doing awesome and one of her daughters is really interested as well. They both attended church yesterday and tonight we are going to invite her daughter to be baptized. Liliana is still really close to accepting a baptism. She feels the spirit in every lesson. And the spirit really is the one who baptizes, not us. We did some work visits and I worked with one of our district leaders this week. Elder Bustinsa he is from puno Peru and we taught 7 lessons together that day. Thanks for all your updates, I love hearing all that you guys do. I am so grateful for every one of you. We have the best family in the whole world for reals. Have the best week of your life. Talk to you on Friday,
Elder Hurley 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Post from Sister Turk's Blog The Hooker's visit our Mission

Mission Tour

First day of the tour is finished and what a day it has been...
These days are long but very fulfilling.

President Turk was brilliant as usual...
(He is standing right behind me as I type this)

 I can't believe I didn't get a full photo of this group with 
Elder and Sister Hooker.  
Can you see your son or daughter while they are practicing
with each other....

 Here is the other half of the room....
I am so Sorry.

 Elder Hooker told a sweet story of his mother's conversion.
When she was 15 years old she was reading a newspaper
and in the middle of this paper
was an article written asking this question...
Did Christ visit the Americas?
The article had all the theories and legends of the great white bearded God.
She cut it out at age 15 and folded it up and put it in her Bible.

 Many years passed and she forgot about it.
She got married and started to have children.
And one day a knock came to her door.
It was two Mormon missionaries.
And the first thing they asked her as she opened the door was
"Did you know that Christ has visited the Americas"
This took her back to when she was 15.
She ran and got her Bible and opened up the article.

 She asked them if they could answer this question.
The missionaries were thrilled, of course they could.
She learned all about the Church and she and her family
were among the first to be baptized here in Peru.

Elder Hooker said that his family prayed for those two missionaries
for the rest of the missionaries lives.
Elder Stevenson and Elder Boyce.
Our missionaries are having this same kind of impact on their converts.
How great would it be to have sweet families
praying for you for the rest of your life?

Hermana Hooker and I went to check a few rooms today too.
They were all very clean and impressive.
Thank you to all of you for going the extra mile.

We have another day of travel and teaching in Chimbote.
Hasta Mañana!

December 10, 2012 Alma 60:11-13

Dear Family, This week was great. Lots of stuff happened this week. The scripture of the week is Alma 60:11-13. The christmas practices are going well, I have a small solo in la cancion del pueblo. And will be singin Oh holy Night also. I talked to sister turk and she said that this year she is going to have the christmas program Live on the blog. We´ll hope she can figure that out. We had the mission tour this week and Elder Hooker came. Him and his wife gave us some awesome advice and President taught us some cool things about the Godhead. Also my companion and I, president turk and the asistants had our stake presidents meeting with our stake president. We came well prepared and it went well. Rocio got baptized!!! by a hair. she passed her interview, everything was going perfect and the day of the baptism, the chapel had no water. We couldn´t fill the font!!! The water was supposedly going to arrive at 5. So we postponed the baptism for a few hours and she was very coorapative. In the end it still wouldn´t fill, we ended up just getting buckets of water and filled the font up one by one. There was barely enough water to baptize her but I got her totally immersed. and in the end it worked out. Converts dont get confirmed in their baptism so she will get confirmed this sunday. Liliana is progressing great. This past week she commited to not work on sundays. Which is huge cuz they don´t have money. Got the christmas package. Im saving it for christmas.... except the dr schools was ripped when it arrived soo.... im wearing em. oooh yeah. Yesterday I spoke in church, Taught second hour, And taught 3rd hour. fun fun. Have the best week of your life!!! sorry i don´t have much time to write.
 Rocio's Baptism 11/9/2012
elder hurley

December 3, 2012 Acts 5:29

Dear Family,
This week was awesome.
The scripture of the week is Acts 5:29. By the way I have grown to love the bible so much more on my mission. And the book of mormon. Both are so important and the word of God. Thanks to all you for writing me! Sorry my letters aren´t that long I try to always hit the most important points of my week and still read all the letters and briefly respond. Overall This past week went really well with Elder Zarian. He is a good missionary and we have a similar work ethic. He will be a great zone leader and I am excited to work with him. He is from Idaho. The past week we had quite a few lessons and Rocio accepted to be baptized on the 9th. We met her other older daughter this week finally which was good to finally have met the whole family. A lot of people failed us and didn´t come to church which is always hard but we will just keep making inspired plans to help them. This past week we gave a training to the district leaders which is always fun. Every single companionship in our zone had a change this transfer cycle and we have 3 new missionarys with their trainers. We have a great zone though. We helped a companionship move and approve their new place and everything. I remember when I had to do that in area trujillo and it was so hard to move without help so we had some compasion. The christmas program is a huge thing we do in the plaza de armas of trujillo. So its for everyone. Ill be singing a solo from les miserables. And o holy night again like last year. sister turk just did auditions this year cuz a lot more people wanted to participate. Last year they just asked me if i could do it. This week we are having elder hooker of the seventy come talk to us which is going to be a real treat. Im glad that video finally got through. Overall I am doing really great and me and and Zarian are working really hard. We are hoping to see miracles and help people come unto christ. Thats so awesome the project that dad is doing. haven´t got the package yet but prob will soon. Yall need to stop worrying about me. I am on a mission for God what is the worst that could happen to me? God is protecting me and watching out for me every day physically and emotionally. I know that God really is supporting this work and I know he answers sincere prayers. I hope you guys have the best week of your life this week!!!
Elder Hurley

November 26, 2012 Alma 32: 31-39

Dear Family, This week was........ AMAZING!
The scripture of the week is Alma 32 verses 31 through 39. Well this week was good. We had a baptism. a young women named Sofia. We have been teaching her family and she has been progressing most and accepted to be baptized. She is awesome and I know will progress a lot in the church. She is the first in her family and we feel we can baptize the rest of the family this month. which would be awesome. I sent picture of her and her family. Also Rocio came to church again yesterday with her daughter. She is progressing really well and with a lot of help she can be baptized this week. Last week was the last week of the change so I sent a picture of our all elder zone. I love all these guys. Elder Brian is getting changed to Huaraz and starting tomorrow I will be training a new zone leader named elder Zerian. I'm stoked. This past week was elder Brians birthday so we got lots of cake. I love hearing about all your experiences. I had another spiritual confirmation this week that the book of Mormon is true. I know with all my heart that the book of Mormon is true. And it is the key stone of our religion. I encourage you all to read it more fully and meditate and ask god if it really is true or not. We didn´t do anything for thanksgiving but I am very thankful for everything God has given me. I'm thankful for each one of you. The mission is going by way too fast. if you need anything from me just let me know. Have the best week of your life!

Elder Hurley 

November 19, 2012 1 Nephi 22:8-12

Dear Family,
This week was GOOD. The scripture of the week is 1 nephi 22:8-12. This past week was great. As you can see on the blog, I am officially a grandpa. Elder Meza is training. haha. my trainer elder contreras is finishing his mission this week. Mostly just wanted to talk about my investigators this week. We have Rocio, she is a married lady that had attended church before who has committed to a date before but we couldn´t get her to church. Yesterday we I saw that she came I was sooo happy. She just might maybe get baptized this week. If she does she´ll be the first in her family and We think her husband and kids will also join the church which would be AWESOME. we have Liliana, who also is a married lady who used to listen to missionaries and come to church. We gave her a book of mormon this past week and she is reading it. She recognizes the spirit and also came to church yesterday with her daughter. They are both progressing well. We had more people in church yesterday. 8 in total which was good. We are lso teaching another family llhim and soña who havent came to church yet but are really awesome. The ward went to the temple this past week and 2 families got sealed. That is a huge deal here. Sounds like everyone is stoked for thanksgiving. They kind of celebrate thanksgiving here in peru but its called el día de gracias. but yeah Ill prob eat turkey. I ate duck yesterday which was really good. I want to invite you guys to study about the gathering of israel whether in gospel principles book or another place, it is something that has really strengthened my testimony understanding more and more about it. Love you guys a ton and hope you have a great week! Oh yeah its mango season again here and our pensionista filled her fridge with mangos cuz she knows we love them so I have been eating mangos every day and they are SO GOOD. love you guys! 
elder Hurley 

November 12, 2012 1 Corinthians 15:58

Dear Family,
This week was decent. The scripture of the week is 1 corinthians 15:58. Thanks for writing. This past week we had zone leader council with president which is always a really special meeting. Can see it on the blog. We taught a lot about the book of mormon and the gathering of israel and read a lot of quotes from elder russel m. nelson. That is so awesome that you guys had him in your stake conference! He spoke to us when I was in the MTC. The book of mormon is so important to bring about the gathering of israel. It is the evidence and the tool to bring it about. It is amazing to me that I have the opportunity to teach the children of the people who wrote in the book of mormon and then tell them about their fathers, and help them know that they too came from israel. Yesterday was a bummer, what breaks or makes the week is who we can get to sacrament meeting, and we had a lot of people commited but only got 3 there. We are working with some familys which is really exciting for me. I want to baptize a whole family, see them progress and be sealed in the temple. Sorry for those who write me that I don´t write back. I can only communicate through email brothers, sisters, parents, and grandparents. Anyone else only through written letters. But just know I love all of you and thanks for writing me. I too never wanted to go to BYU till God helped me make that decision. God always guides us if we just ask. Today we went to a place called conache, hiked up this huge sand hill and at lunch at the very top, it was pretty fun with our zone. Im singing in the christmas program again this year and we got the the office with sister to practice on mondays. I am doing a choral quortet thing and a solo in a different song. I really love music. Dad really knows how to distract a missionary saying how much powder there is in the mountains. haha just kidding. But here it feels so hot every day but it is really probably on like 80. Don´t think they put that video on yet but is that memory card I sent just totally ruined? cuz that was completely full of pictures on it too. :( oh well.  Overall I love each one of you. Thanks ma for your testimony. Testimony is always growing or shrinking, make sure its growing. I encourage everyone to read more out of the book of mormon.  have a great week!
Elder Hurley 

November 4, 2012 Alma 5:62

Hello family!!
Thanks for all your letters they make me smile. The scripture of the week is Alma 5:62. Funny seeing mom as waldo haha. thats a good look. The shawn made me laugh a lot too haha. Thats funny that you say you are a cheater. My companion and I were talking about how everyone at home cheats on fasts haha cuz here the members start fasting after lunch saturday and fast until lunch sunday. But yeah dont worry about me getting enough food. The majority of people eat a lot. haha it is a fight for me every day to try to finish everything that is on my plate. But the food is really good always. This week we went to do service at a little town that is in my area called san carlos. They are just finally getting sewage system in and we helped them this week with that. I got a big blister haha. (see foto) Also made an awesome reference box this week with slits for each organization. We are teaching quite a few familys which is such a blessing. It is really hard here to find two civilly married people that have kids. But we are teaching some and one lady accepted a baptismal date for the 17th but then didnt make it to church yesterday. I have really grown to love soccer. We play every monday and friday at 530 in the morning and it is so fun.  Thanks for all your support and love. Don´t be too worried about the christmas package, if I got nothing id still have a lot more than most the world. I liked the ctr rings you sent last year I passed those all out to kids fast. It would be cool but I don´t know how possible to find HLJ rings. Love all serve all
Elder Hurley