Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 21, 2012 1 Nephi 4:6

hey there family!
This week was fantabulous. The scripture of the week is.... 1 nephi 4:6. Well this week has been great. The lord blessed us for our hard work. Last Tuesday a member called and that night presented us a reference of a girl named jacki. She is 21 and wanted to get closer to God, she had a friend who was a member before and always looked up to her friend. The spirit was so strong in that first lesson. One of the most spiritual lessons I have had in my mission. We just talked a little bit about the atonement. Our next visit with her was thursday. We taught her about the restoration of the gospel. She had read the pamphlet We left her and felt that it was all true. She basically taught herself the lesson and understands well what the book of mormon is. She had attended church a lot of times before with her friend. She attended yesterday also. We invited her to be baptized for this saturday the 26 of May, and she accepted. She is really awesome, we have a lot to teach her this week but I know she will be prepared for this 26ths. We are doing a family night with her and the member family who gave us the reference. The single mom Liz that I talked about a few times ago, accepted to be baptized for this 2 of june with her 2 kids. But they didn´t make it to church so we have to postpone her date. But I know that family will reach the waters of baptism also. It is also really cool to see my converts progressing in the gospel. Its one thing to see a baptism. but it is another to actually see them progress in the gospel, reading their scriptures, attending church, preparing to receive the preisthood. It is amazing. Well this week President Turk and his wife and the assistants are coming to Huaraz. For our Zone Conference. We as the zone leaders have to arrange everything for it because we live so far away. Also I am directing the conference, and I've never directed a meeting with Pres. Turk So that should be a good experience. This week we also did service at a house. We basically just destroyed everything that was there, The wanted life the side of their house completely gone. So that was fun. Sent some pics. I also read some old Journals this week that I made in my youth, and also while I was in the mtc and ccm. Journal writing is such an important aspect of our lives. It helps us stay on the straight and narrow. I wanted to invite you guys to keep a journal if your not already doing it. It was great to hear from whit, courts, mom and dad this week. Sounds like courts is doing awesome. I love that girl so much and thats cool she ran a 5k for Kirsten! She is the best example. I love when You all write, for reals. Mom asked if I can look at sister turks blog, and yes I can that is one of the few pages authorized. I just looked at it and Otuzco (my starting area) just got a new house chapel!! and The new branch president is a member that I knew that would help us some times. So cool. Well I Love you guys so much, I hope you have some fun in st george! send me pictures of st george in your next email!. ha if you want. That is awesome that brother iper is now bishop Piper. Thanks for always informing me of these things  i love to here it.  
much love 
Elder Hurley

Monday, May 21, 2012

May 15, 2012 Alma 26: 15, 22

Hey family! The scripture of the week is alma 26 verses 15 and 22. It was soo great seeing your faces and hearing your voices. it was like a dream! haha skype makes things cool.I hope mama had a good mothers day. I sure did haha. max is still a cutie. Well I spent most of the last week in trujillo. I realize I didn`t even talk about my week in skype haha. But yeah we left monday in the night time, to go to consejo de lideres. like a leadership council for all the leaders in the mission including district leaders and assigned sisters. It was really great. Wednsdeay we had consilio, which is like a council of just zone leaders and the president and the assistants. These meetings are always so special. we read alma 26. There are a couple pictures of me on the blog. Afterwards we did service where we cleaned up the chapels in trujillo. I got to mow the lawn for like 2 hours. It reminded me of my lawn business I have had since I was 12. It was fun. We went to catch our bus wednesday in the night time, but it turned out there was a stop between trujillo in and huaraz, like a strike or something from the miners and no one could go through. so we ended up staying in trujillo another day, slept over at the office elders place. It was a fun time. the next day we went to another zones meeting, and prosyletied in an area called laureles. It was cool just prosylited normal like a normal missionary without having to worry about leadership responsibilities. We made it back to huaraz friday in the morning. Sunday was good. I had an awesome lesson to prepared and had everything ready to go, even drew on the board, but we ended up joining with the other class cuz there wasn`t too many people. We found a gold family this week. a mom with 4 kids. when we went to teach them yesterday they said their dad didnt want us there. so sad. We went to Chavin today. It was soo awesome. I sent a couple pictures. but its like this old ruins temple. It was cool, it really seemed like a temple like from what we believe. There was like a side for entering for each gender. also looked like there was baptismal fonts haha. it was cool. Jett is such a cutie. for reals. I am so grateful for the family I have. I have met a ton of people, and a lot of families are really seperated and falling apart and not good. but I love how unified our family is. Its the best. Have a great week yall!
Elder Hurley

Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 9, 2012 Zone Conference Sister Turk's Blog


Another FULL Day...

We were with the Zone Leaders all day.
Just look at them...

They had training all morning...

Special Musical Number.
Elder Escobar has been holding out on me...
Who knew that he played the recorder really well.
He was in the office with me for months and I did not know this.

After training.... they dropped in at the mission home for lunch.
Today Lucy made them giant tacos, they were more like burritos.
and she made them homemade cinnamon rolls.

I love them to come to the mission home.
They love to look at the blog books.

And here are four new Zone Leaders...
Elder Brian, Elder Mamani, Elder Mecham and Elder Cornejo.
Welcome Gentlemen... You are in a League of Extraordinary 
Leaders of Men.  They possess the Priesthood of God.
They are called of God and whom God Calls, He Qualifies.

These new ones are really Qualified.

After lunch they all changed their clothes and went out
to four different chapels
for service projects.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This week was fantabulous! hows my beautiful family? Im excited to talk to you guys on sunday. I am not sure what time it is there, especially with daylight savings time, so ill tell you my hours of availability here in peru. we have church from 2 till 5 here (peru huaraz time) so i can talk at 10, or 11 (here) or at 5:30 here) i think that should be like 7 30 there but maybe its like 3 30. the latest i can probably call is 6 15 my time. the call can only be 40 minutes long. I will call you guys. tommorrow (tuesday) or wednesday i am going to call the house phone for a pre call. it will probable be during the daytime, hopefully someone is there to pick up this time haha. but if nobody does, plan to receive my call at 6 o clock pm peru time next sunday. when i call these week have the hours best for you guys to tell me. This week was great. scripture of the week is alma 29:9-10. That is so awesome that you guys had 2 baptisms there! haha. a lot of my baptisms here have been to complete families too, really, the lord prepares the people who has part of their family as members already. I never thought I would use the party favors and cake mix that you sent me. but we found a way to use them! last monday we celebrated our 20 baptisms in april. we even baked up the cake! it was a fun time. we found a really prepared lady this week. a single mom who has two kids of 12 and 8 years. we only taught her once, and the first lesson she accepted to be baptized with her kids. we are hoping to get them baptized on the 26 of may. but we have to prepare them still. we are having a family home evening with them tonight with the stake presidents family. our investigator that was progressing that week we found drunk this week, which was sad, but we aren´t giving up on him. our other golden investigator may have moved to a different city. which stinks, but yeah. well this week I will be in trujillo for 2 days, tommorrow we have a council of all the leaders and wednesday a council of just the zone leaders and office elders. so ill prob show up on the blog this week. keep your eyes peeled!. Thanks dad for checking my bank and guitar. to answer your questions, we usually just have a little room with a bathroom and desks, nothing too fancy. but here in huaraz we live in the upstairs of a member family, and the mom/wife is our pensionista, so it makes it really convenient for laundry and eating. It is cool having elder Terry, beazer, and armstrong in our zone. Elder Terry is finishing his mission here and will be going back to highland on the 10th of june. happy birthday mom!. he´s been a zone leader the past 9 months and is finishing off here as senior companion. I hope courts had a blast at prom. Prom is always fun. i trust matt to take care of any boy problems :), since im not around. I cant wait to talk to you guys on sunday. Have a great week!

From Sister Turks Blog Leadership Conference May 2012

Some of the Best of the Best!

What a beautiful day with all of these beautiful people.
I feel so blessed to serve along side
of these missionaries.

This is the Leadership in the mission right now.
They are some of the Best!

We had Gladys Knight and the pips singing the special number.
It was Fantastic.
It was really Hermana Avendaño and her backup Elders.
Elders Aburto, Yat, Canaan, and DelaFuente

These are our Hermanas Asignadas
or the Assigned Sisters
They are beautiful inside and out.

and a picture of the whole group

Here are few photos of them all practicing...
Can you find yours in the mix?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April 30, 2012

This week was Great!.
The scripture of the week is 2 Nephi 33:10-11.
I love nephi. or nefi. But really this week was awesome. finished off the month of april as a zone. the most baptisms that huaraz has ever had in one month here was 14. we had 14 as our goal for the month (we had 11 month of march and wanted to push out more) we animated like crazy and the whole zone was really diligent and obedient, and we made an all time record of huaraz, of 20 confirmations in the month of april. It was pretty awesome and we are going to celebrate today with the zone. We found some awesome new people. The key to missionary work is finding people that God has already prepared. We found this one lady whos name is ayde. She is really interested and has been searching for a church to attend. She and her 8 year old daughter both attended church yesterday and we are going to do a family home evening with them tonight. our goal is to have her and her daughter baptized the 12 of may. We have also been helping this older man to overcome alcohol, his name is zeberiano. he was preparing to be baptized for this saturday, but we think he might of drank on saturday in the night, we still need to check for that. but he came to church yesterday too which was awesome. had some interchanges this week, I went to Yungay, which is a little mountain town like an hour from here to interview some baptismal candidates. They dont have a church their or a baptismal font, but we made a font out of rocks in a river. We actually made two fonts, in two rivers, haha. the first i sent a picture, but they ended up getting baptized in the other river that had more clear water. sorry there is no picture. We also did service in the plaza of carhuaz, weeding and cleaning it up. Im glad mom made me weed all the time growing up. haha. on the way back there were these girls from peace corps visiting from the united states. It was weird to hear english haha i just heard them chatting behind us. We talked to them and contacted them, so we might teach them this week. This week was a little crazy with changes (transfers). We thought elder brito was going to go, but he is staying here in huaraz for the last change of his mission. i get to kill him. I think this is the first change of my whole mission where I haven`t had a drastic change. But we have some new elders coming to our zone which is exciting. Including Elder Armstrong, who was my companion in the MTC, he`ll be a district leader. and also my last companion elder Beazer is coming to our zone too. Also an Elder Terry, that you guys might know, I knew him before the mission, and we`d ride the bus together to school, he is also finishing his mission this change. He lives on the opposite side of 6000 by the rocks in the dip  ( kind of by where those polygamists used to live). will be great having him in our zone too. It was great hearing from you guys. I always love your letters. Thanks so much!. Im sending a little gift for jett today. let me know when you get it. Love you guys!
Elder Hurley

Homemade Pizza by Elder Hurley  and

 Pizza and Elders April 30, 2012
 Snowy mountain above Juarez
 Homemade font out of rushing river!