Sunday, February 26, 2012

February 20, 2012 1 Nephi 3:7

This week was good. Hope You are all doing swell. I enjoyed getting your letters as always. Sounds like you had a good week. The scripture of the week is 1 nephi 3:7. 
 And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I awill go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no bcommandments unto the children of men, save he shall cprepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.

This week was pretty awesome, we had interviews with the president as you have seen on the blog. I did get your package that same day (valentines day, how lucky!) haha dad made me laugh so hard with his letter. so much sugar and fat haha, but thanks for trying to slow me down. I always enjoy reeses and american chocolate for that matter. I gave my district the sweethearts. Sounds like rache is comin over today, thats cool, make her sing somethings shes written. haha. i sent her a letter today, but to the house, sorry I always do that, but I always forget to write her adress down, and when I have the chance to send a letter, I got to do it right then so I just do it to you guys cuz i have it memorized haha. But it gives you a chance to see her every now and then. Im glad courts is doing so good. I love that girl. Dad asked some questions, people do treat us differently, I've noticed they are always a little more interested when a gringo is there, with two latino missionarys not so much, at least in my old area, here it seems a little more normal. The people are a lot richer here in los cedros. and I have definitely seen the difference of the hardness of their hearts, even just contacting. But We are going to have a mountain of success here. I saw elder meza today in el centro. a kid that we almost baptized finally got baptized last week, which made me way happy, but didn`t make it sunday for his confirmation. haha. thats the worst. Last week we met with the man from afghanastan that was living in washington dc for a little. his english is pretty good. a lot better than his spanish, so we talk in english. His son Fardin who is 18 grew up in the states in washington dc and is not a member. We taught him last week. he also knows some spanish but grew up in the states so speaks english perfectly. So we taught him in english. That was like the hardest thing of my life. Haha. I was surprised but really im so used to teaching in spanish it was really difficult. But he is awesome, we got him to come to church yesterday and his friend is a member in the ward. He accepted to be baptized the 3rd of march. Dorris is doing really well i think i talked about her last week, but she should be baptized this saturday. She is doing awesome and committing to all the commandments. I love being a missionary and I learn so much every single day. I wish I had more time to write you guys, but just know I love you so much and I encourage you to share the gospel with people around you that aren`t members. Doesn`t matter what the result is, but just do it. Have an amazing week!
Elder Hurley

Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentines Day in the Mission February 14th 2012 post from Sister Turk's Blog

Happy Valentines Day!

I didn't even say that once today while we were with 
the Central Zone.
It's not from lack of Love.
I love each one of these missionaries so much.
This is the most loving group of missionaries around.
They love the people here in Perú with all their hearts.
They just know that the Valentine love is something
to look forward too.
There is a time and a place for everything.

Sweet Elder Hargis has been doing double duty as Zone Leader.
His companion has been back in the financial office
and Elder Richards has been filling in as a mini Zone Leader.
But the brunt of it has fallen on this great missionary.
Thank you Elder Hargis.

Elder Hargis and Elder Richards did do some excellent training today
as well as the assistants Elder Vera and Elder Wright.

Hermana Montes and Hermana Pillco won the prizes for
Snakes and Ladders in the morning session.

The missionaries in the Central Zone are...
Elder Hargis, Elder Hurley, Elder Beazer, Elder Richards, 
Elder Randall, Elder Massey,Elder Ramos, Elder Zapata, Elder Quiroz, 
Elder Sumi, Elder Espinoza, Elder Frietz,
Hermana Avendaño, Hermana Bond, Hermana Pillco, and Hermana Montes.

President Turk and the Assistants are also pictured
Elder Vera and Elder Wright

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 13, 2012 Luke 4:18-19

Hey family,
what a week. Great week. Well I am now serving in Los Cedros in the center zone of trujillo. still in the city. which I like the city. but this area seems more rich, which always brings less success haha. The scripture of the week is Luke 4:18-19. 

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,
 19To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.

My new companion is Elder Beazer. My first gringo companion. Hes from kayesville, (yay boondocks!) He is fresh out of training, but his spanish is good for only 3 months in the field. I love him a lot. He is not a very social person, but we are all in life to learn, I feel like I am motivating him a whole lot to care more about the people here and forget about himself. Im still district leader , im now over 3 areas, i have 2 sisters, 2 elders, and ours. It was kind of hard coming here and seeing that in our area prevously, elder beazer and his old companion were having like 15 or so lessons each week. especially when elder meza and I were having like 40 each week. but we are definately improving a lot and working hard. I know that the lord wants me here. I think to motivate this district. It was kind of sad leaving elder meza, especially cuz we had a baptismal date for last saturday that I missed. But elder beazer and I are going to work way hard. saturday was a great day. We went from having no baptismal dates, to having 4 in one day. (one of them fell cuz didn´t attend church) it was pretty incredible. I know it is all thanks to the spirit. This work is all about the spirit and not ourselves. But I feel like we are going to have a lot of success This change (transfer). Hopefully i get the package tomorrow, if not, oh well ill get it eventually. I love hearing from you guys. Dad made me laugh out loud. Dad needs to write a book. 2 books. one that is just for laughs, and another of awesome experiences and things he has learned from his life. Im glad courts had fun at sweethearts. school dances were always fun. Today we had a surprise, we went to the beach with president and sister turk, our zone and another zone. as missionaries we usually cant go to the beach in this time of year, in the summer, we can just go in the winter time when the people aren´t out swimming and stuff. but we went to day and played beach volleyball. Im sure it will be on the blog. But it was way fun, our zone won. haha as missionaries we shouldn´t be too competitive, but sister turk is one of the most comptetitive people i know ha but it was way fun. there was a lady named dorris we taught on saturday. she is a single mom with 2 kids, one of which is special. We explained the gospel of jesus christ to her, and baptism, and she accepted to be baptized. She was asking us what she needs to do. which is always the best when they ask that, we explained, and put a baptismal date for the 25 of february. she accepted, and was serious.   She attended church yesterday too. She is way awesome. I love meeting new people. I decided beforehand I would try to meet as many people as possible in the ward yesterday. I met so many people in just 3 hours. Whoever reads this should start doing family prayer every day if you are not doing it right now. 1 it will give you more unity. 2. its a commandment, (see 3 nephi 18). 3. it will give you more guidance as a family. Just felt like giving you that invitation and promises. I love you all so so so so so sew much. have the best week of your life.
elder Hurley

Beach Volleyball with President and Sister Turk and her sisters

Christopher's Team Won
Look at the winners!
They all won Chuyos, the Peruvian beanies.

They were very happy.

The other team got snickers and reeses from the states
so they were even happier.

After preparation day with the missionaries 
we went into town and did a little shopping.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

January 30, 2012 Alma 29:10

Hey family!
Miracles week. This past week was so great. So much happened in one week i can`t believe it. haha. but the scripture of the week is alma 29:10. 

 10 And behold, when I see many of my brethren truly penitent, and coming to the Lord their God, then is my soul filled with joy; then do I remember awhat the Lord has done for me, yea, even that he hath heard my prayer; yea, then do I remember his merciful arm which he extended towards me.

Quick overview of the week, we had 3 baptisms this week, changed our apartment, prosylited with pres. turk, and spoke in church. We were only expected 1 baptizm, of kevin, who was way ready. but we got permission for a girl bianca who will enter young womens this year, we talk with her mom and she gave permission, her brothers aren`t very supportive but she has a good testimony. and the biggest miracle, MIGUEL. You can read a little bout him on the blog, and see some pics of me. but really i have been working with miguel for over 4 months. first with elder cotrina and after with elder meza. he almost reached baptizm with elder cotrina and I. but after doing everything, calling and visiting him every day, he couldn`t go 2 weeks without drinking, so couldn`t pass his experience. We didn`t have planned to visit miguel that day, but saw his car and decided to enter to share a message on repentance. all last year he said this year 2012 he was going to change, but the year came, and was drinking worse, With president this thursday was the first time we have showed up in a long time that he wasn`t drunk. He expressed his many desires to change and be baptized, he said he hadn`t drank in 2 weeks. we put a baptismal date for the following saturday (in 2 days) , presìdent helped a lot and gave him a priesthood blessing of strength. He agreed to be baptized. Friday he passed his interview, we celebrated with some coca cola that he offered us. Way awesome. President came and the baptizmal service was so spiritual. I felt the spirit so strong and felt so much joy in my heart for everything that was happening. Especially when our investigators bore their testimonies after. I felt the spirit so strong when miguel was talking, I love him so much and am so happy his whole family is now united. His whole family now are members. The service was great because lots of ward members came, the whole ward has been waiting for this for ever. It just shows you can`t ever give up on anyone. We also changed apartments which was way hard with everything going on, setting up the baptismal service and everything. we spent all day friday trying to move all the stuff, taking apart bunk bed, trying to get it apart. and we finally got all our stuff in the room, but had to sleep on the floor, but with our mattresses so it was all good. but that night we had to talk with the land lords for ever to try to figure out an agreement that we thought was already figured out, It felt like i was in a law case or something and had to defend myself, never done that in english let alone spanish. but the new room is cool. its small but the bathroom is like a hotel. its cool. Sounds like you are doing so good. Thanks so much for sending pictures. I can see matt in jett. wow i need to hold that baby. With everything we also spoke in church yesterday. I gave like a 20 minute talk that turned out pretty good to motivate the members to help the missionary work. I love you all so so much. Thank you so much for your prayers. Have the best week of your life.
Elder Hurley

All about Miguel's baptism

This is Miguel....

This is Miguel.
President Baptized him yesterday.
I told you his story a couple of posts ago.
He is the last in the family to be baptized.
Everyone was thrilled to see this family complete.

He has two sons serving missions right now
in Mexico and Argentina.
Miguel and his wife were both baptized 
while their sons have been serving.

Their daughter was baptized with her older brothers.
Now they just have the youngest six year old that is looking
forward to turning eight so that he can get baptized.

Elder Hurley and Elder Meza also had these other baptisms that day.
The baptismal service was fantastic.
Great work Elders!