Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 25, 2012 Ezekiel 34:5-8

 Dear Family,
> > This week was chevare. I got lots of letters this week to read so my time
> > is short, so I will respond in a big letter then try to move on to the
> > write you individually. The scripture of the week is Ezekiel 34:5-8. This
> > week was good. We had another confirmation! haha we don´t baptize. we just
> > confirm. But that is what really counts in the end. With the help of one of
> > our district leaders. We found a man of 28 years who got baptized in
> > october but never got confirmed. He lives in our area now. his name is
> > hernan and he is really awesome. he has been attended institute and has an
> > awesome testimony and knows the commandments. We gave him an interview and
> > with our bishop also and he got confirmed yesterday. My companion has been
> > sick this past week with a really bad cold. its hard for me sometimes cuz
> > it slows down the work a little, but we still pushed our hardest the whole
> > week. Last week we had a competition between all the zone leaders, of who
> > can create and have the most efficient whiteboard for their zone. We put
> > fit some really good indicaters there and sent in pictures to the office of
> > the different parts. Elder Yat and I won the competition! they sent us some
> > markers and some junk food. I sent some pics. my companion is freezing here
> > in huaraz haha. we are going to have 2 baptisms this week. a kid named
> > aaron. who is really awesome. Ive never taught anyone in my mission that
> > understands so quickly what we teaching and keeps every commitment and
> > more. He asked me to baptized him yesterday, so ill send pictures next week
> > of that. Also another kid who i have been teaching since I got here to
> > huaraz. he finally was able to change his college schedule so that he can
> > attend church every sunday. I hope daddio had a great birthday. it sounds
> > like you guys spoiled him. him makes me laugh so hard. Also something realy
> > cool that happened, last monday our convert sergio asked me to give him a
> > picture to paint. I thought yeah, cool. so I gave him a picture of the
> > thing which is most valuable to me. Yesterday in church he brought me this
> > huge painting that is so so awesome. I sent pictures of it. Its like one of
> > the bests gifts ive ever gotten. I don´t need anything, im very good. my
> > companion is really good. have the best week of your life! oh I got a
> > letter from the powwells. that was really nice. I laughed out loud louder
> > than I have in a while from the joke that sister powell said *why do
> > gorrillas have big fingers? because they have big nostrils.* hahaha. well
> > have the best week ever.

> > Elder Hurley

Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 18, 2012 Proverbs 28:13


Hows life treating you? I hope Good. Happy Fathers Day! Yesterday.. We told all our investigators that they had to go to church on Fathers day for their father. Their heavenly father. Only 3 came yesterday though with the holiday :( The scripture of the week is Proverbs 28:13 But This past week was really good. My new companion is Elder Yat. He is from Guatamala. It is cool being with a latin that isn`t from peru, cuz we are both foreigners. He was my zone leader in my first transfer with elder meza in trujillo laureles. He likes music, which is awesome, I have always wanted a companion who likes music singing and piano like me. We are going to work our butts off this change. I feel lots of success coming. They closed an area in our zone, so now we are only 14 people. I sent a picture of our zone. We have two people in training now also. hermana bell came from chimbote. I was her district leader before. We had a confirmation yesterday! His name is Sergio. Haha, only because the other elders in our ward (elder Terry and elder Castillo) baptized him last sunday and then that area closed. Now we have a humungous area. It covers our whole ward, and our ward is the biggest. We have a date for the 30th. a kid named eduardo who is 16. I have been teaching him my whole time in huaraz, and he has progressed a lot, has found out for himself that Joseph smith was a prophet and that the Book of mormon is true and that God wants him to be baptized and keep the commandments. He came to the General conference but since then hasn`t been able to attend because he has classes in college every sunday at the same hours as our church. We finally found out a way that he could change his classes to saturday. We also had a reference that accepted to be baptized this saturday. But the uncle of the kid (who gave us the reference) didn`t want him to get baptized so fast. (even though he has already attended church for like a month. It is always frustrating when members don`t understand the doctrine of Jesus Christ. But this reference should also get baptized this 30th of June if everything works out good. Our convert edizon had his preisthood interview yesterday which is exciting to see him progressing. I tried some new hair styles this week just for fun. Tried some cream stuff and a gel for my hair that my companion had, I sent pictures of the results. Sounds like your week was fun. Dad makes me laugh out loud every time in his letters. I`m glad everyone is doing so great and I hope that you are all being active in the gospel as well as the church. Thanks for everything you have given me, Today we watched toy story 3 with one of our districts. I remember watching that in theaters with mom just as I was also leaving to college like andy.. Well I hope you have a great week and let me know if there is something I can do for you guys.
Elder Hurley

Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012 D & C 122:5-8

Hey family!
Hows the best family ever? Happy birthday mama! 
The scripture of the week is doctrine and covenants 122:5-8. 

We have to remember that it doesn´t matter what afflictions or trials we have, Nothing that we pass will be worse than what Jesus Christ passed through. 

 This week was great. We went to Trujillo for zone leader council. It was way great. Learned a lot from president Turk and the spirit. We also played futbol after eating lunch at the mission home which was way awesome. Elder Brito finished his mission this week, and today he will be home with his family. Some members gave him a going away party thing which was really awesome and spiritual. He's been probably the best companion I've had so far. I love that guy, he said he is gonna tag some pics of me on facebook when he gets home, so look for these. 
 Friday in the night we had a big scare. we called someone, then took a taxi to the chapel, and next thing we knew we didn´t have the cell phone. We called the taxi drivers cell phone (we had it cuz we contacted him) he said there wasn´t anything in his taxi. We called the phone over and over and over again. finally in the night time a lady answered and said she found it in the taxi. She wasn´t very helpful at first, seemed like she just wanted money. But after insisting a lot and explaining who we were and the importance of the phone, she agreed to give it to us. We waited in the spot she told us to for like 30 minutes, and she finally arrived. We paid for her pasage to get there and gave her some candy. I couldn´t believe we got the cell phone back! well changes happened this week. they are closing another area in our zone cuz we are lowering in missionaries in the mission. so now we just have 14 in the zone, where there was 18 in the zone when I first got here. Elder Yat is going to be my new companion here, He was my old zone leader when I was in trujillo. He arrives tommorrow. I love you guys so much. sounds like mom had a good birthday, dad makes me laugh every time. I like enduring to the end better in spanishing. Perseverar hasta el fin. in english is appears we are just enduring this life haha. But in Spanish it is persevering. Well I love you guys have the best week of your life!
Elder HUrley

Zone Conference June 2012 from Sister Turk's Blog

Culinary School?

Zone Leaders were in for some deep training today.

Our three Assistants are almost down to two,
But before Elder Wright leaves
He is going out with a bang...

Well, a culinary delightful bang...
The three Assistants taught a great lesson using a baking demonstration.
There is not a faster way into a missionaries mind
than through his stomach.
Focus Elders... Focus!

Elder Prebe had to make Brownies without a recipe or help.
He was a talented egg cracker using only one hand,
but fancy egg cracking got him...

Some laughter from these Elders and ...

... some pretty crummy brownies.
Elder Brian made his brownies using the recipe and 
some brownie-making experts at his side.
They turned out fabulous.
There was a beautiful point to this lesson.
I think you can figure it out.

**Here's a Little News Flash**

Elder Arena has been an exceptional leader in our mission.
Every area he has been assigned has flourished.

Elder Retamal has been the same way.  They are both outstanding leaders
and very successful in their callings.

Elder Retamal and Elder Arena
have been assigned as Traveling Assistants to the President
for their last six weeks in the mission.

They will be heading out to different areas in the mission
to share their knowledge, Lead with Love
and Lift those they are with.

Elder Olivares is our only new Zone Leader until Changes next week.
We were thrilled to have him with us 
in the Council today.
He will be such a great asset.

All of the Zone Leaders make our calling so enjoyable.

We feed off of their strength and their determination to do what is right.  
Thank you dear Zone Leaders...
Les Amamos!

Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4, 2012 Scripture of the week Alma 5:62

Hola Familia! 

¿How was your week? I hope it was grreat. The scripture of the week is Alma 5:62.  

This week for me was great. We had a miracle happen. Her name is Paola. She Got baptized on saturday. Paola is a young women of 12 years, we met her for the first time last sunday in church. Had our first lesson with her last monday night. Her parents basically abandoned her, her mom when she was little, she never knew her mom. Her dad left her with a member family that is raising her now. They are old but really loving and giving her what she needs. She has attended various times the church, and last monday accepted to be baptized, we taught her all the missionary lessons last week, and she past her interview. She wanted me to baptize her, probably just cuz Im gringo. But the baptism was really special. Elder Brito baptized one of the sisters in our zones candidates and we did it in the same day. They both shared their testimonies after. We did a work visit with one of the district leaders in our zone this week. and I went with Elder Young who is an awesome elder, he lived in mapleton and loves music like me. Our recent convert Jacki is doing amazing. She is already doing her visiting teaching, and yesterday she paid tithing for the first time. Her testimony is so strong, and she has the desire to share the gospel with her sister. These days are kind of hard cuz Elder Brito is finishing his mission. He has probably been my closest companion. We mesh really well and he is my true friend. He has been a leader in his mission 20 months. Hes awesome. Gunna miss him, it will be interesting to see who is my new companion. Today we went to Pastaruri. It is a glacier and we went on a little excursion there today as a zone. It was cool seeing ice/snow. Elder Terry will be back in highland next week. I told him to go visit you guys so if he does treat him good. he likes tennis and chess. makes me think of Matt and Dad. I sent some pictures. Last p day we also used that ping pong set you guys set haha. worked out pretty well. Thank you so much for your letters They mean the world. Sounds like summer is roling there. it is weird, the season should be oposite, but here in huaraz it is counted as summer right now too, even though it is winter in trujillo. So there is more sun here too. That is crazy what dad told me that a ward in the boundaries has 100 percent members. That really is so crazy to me. haha. I sent lots of pictures this week. Sorry mama i know you only want 5. haha jk. Well i love you guys to death and hope you have a great week.!

May 28, 2012 Scripture of the week Isaiah 1:18

Dear family,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRISTYN!!!!. Happy happy birthday cristyn dear, happy days will come to you all year, if I had a wish than it would be. To take away your birthday and give it to me!. hahaha matt sang those words to me when we were in primary together I still remember. but hope you have a great birthday!. 

The scripture of the week is isiaiah 1:18. 

This week was SO good. We had our zone conference and interviews. The first part of the week me and Elder Brito tried to get everything arranged for when president came, the refreshments, what we would teach, where we would eat, stuff like that. Thursday we ate pizza and received president and the assistants. Sister turk couldn`t make it this time around, but nevertheless, we are on the blog. President Turk is the best. for reals I don`t think there is another mission president like him. Me and Elder Brito had a meeting with the stake president and pres Turk Thursday night, and after, President Turk took me and Elder Brito and the 2 assistants to dinner at a place called Chile heaven. It was a mexican restaurant here in Huaraz and was really good. It was cool being able to get to know President Turk better too. The conference was good also, me and elder brito taught at the two sessions of interviews, and also in the conference with everyone. It was a great time. Also our zone got cell phones! The are trying it out on our zone and one other zone to see how it goes. We have unlimited calling now between our zone and other rmp phones. It is strange but cool that all the companionships have cell phones. Now to talk about Jacky. Jacky got baptized on saturday. SHe is so awesome, passed her interview this week, and we taught her everything, she accepted everything and has a really strong testimony. I baptized her. She 21 and I can see her being a future leader in the church. Her baptism was really special, especially when she shared her testimony at the end, It was kind of cool after her testimony she wanted to pray too, so she did, thanking God for everything that he`s done for her and accepting her. I know she will be strong in the church. We also animated our ward to help more in missionary work, we made a referall box and started again a competition of who can give us the most referalls. We are becoming way more unified with our ward now.  Sounds like you guys are having a good time in utah. say hi to the family in enterprise for me! Yes dad my pensionista gave us some pie type thing yesterday! it was good.  Overall I am so gratefull for everything that I have, and especially for the atonement of Jesus Christ. It is still incredible to me that we have the opportunity to repent and be clean of any sins we have. I love you so much family, I hope yall know that. Have the best week of your life! 

May 28, 2012 A letter just to Mom

Hey mama
almost missed ya but you wrote me in the nick of time! it was great reading your letter. Thank you so much for sending it. I sent some pictures that coorelate more with my letter. tell Juel i havent been there, but i have been to an old ancient temple.Thats so awesome about Jared. Ive always looked up to Jared he is the man. I cant wait to see the new things when I return. I love you so much mom. I hope you had a good little break these few days. You have always been the best example of faith. teaching me how pray at a very young age if i needed anything from god. Have an amazing week!. Love you