Monday, June 4, 2012

May 28, 2012 Scripture of the week Isaiah 1:18

Dear family,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRISTYN!!!!. Happy happy birthday cristyn dear, happy days will come to you all year, if I had a wish than it would be. To take away your birthday and give it to me!. hahaha matt sang those words to me when we were in primary together I still remember. but hope you have a great birthday!. 

The scripture of the week is isiaiah 1:18. 

This week was SO good. We had our zone conference and interviews. The first part of the week me and Elder Brito tried to get everything arranged for when president came, the refreshments, what we would teach, where we would eat, stuff like that. Thursday we ate pizza and received president and the assistants. Sister turk couldn`t make it this time around, but nevertheless, we are on the blog. President Turk is the best. for reals I don`t think there is another mission president like him. Me and Elder Brito had a meeting with the stake president and pres Turk Thursday night, and after, President Turk took me and Elder Brito and the 2 assistants to dinner at a place called Chile heaven. It was a mexican restaurant here in Huaraz and was really good. It was cool being able to get to know President Turk better too. The conference was good also, me and elder brito taught at the two sessions of interviews, and also in the conference with everyone. It was a great time. Also our zone got cell phones! The are trying it out on our zone and one other zone to see how it goes. We have unlimited calling now between our zone and other rmp phones. It is strange but cool that all the companionships have cell phones. Now to talk about Jacky. Jacky got baptized on saturday. SHe is so awesome, passed her interview this week, and we taught her everything, she accepted everything and has a really strong testimony. I baptized her. She 21 and I can see her being a future leader in the church. Her baptism was really special, especially when she shared her testimony at the end, It was kind of cool after her testimony she wanted to pray too, so she did, thanking God for everything that he`s done for her and accepting her. I know she will be strong in the church. We also animated our ward to help more in missionary work, we made a referall box and started again a competition of who can give us the most referalls. We are becoming way more unified with our ward now.  Sounds like you guys are having a good time in utah. say hi to the family in enterprise for me! Yes dad my pensionista gave us some pie type thing yesterday! it was good.  Overall I am so gratefull for everything that I have, and especially for the atonement of Jesus Christ. It is still incredible to me that we have the opportunity to repent and be clean of any sins we have. I love you so much family, I hope yall know that. Have the best week of your life! 

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