Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4, 2012 Scripture of the week Alma 5:62

Hola Familia! 

¿How was your week? I hope it was grreat. The scripture of the week is Alma 5:62.  

This week for me was great. We had a miracle happen. Her name is Paola. She Got baptized on saturday. Paola is a young women of 12 years, we met her for the first time last sunday in church. Had our first lesson with her last monday night. Her parents basically abandoned her, her mom when she was little, she never knew her mom. Her dad left her with a member family that is raising her now. They are old but really loving and giving her what she needs. She has attended various times the church, and last monday accepted to be baptized, we taught her all the missionary lessons last week, and she past her interview. She wanted me to baptize her, probably just cuz Im gringo. But the baptism was really special. Elder Brito baptized one of the sisters in our zones candidates and we did it in the same day. They both shared their testimonies after. We did a work visit with one of the district leaders in our zone this week. and I went with Elder Young who is an awesome elder, he lived in mapleton and loves music like me. Our recent convert Jacki is doing amazing. She is already doing her visiting teaching, and yesterday she paid tithing for the first time. Her testimony is so strong, and she has the desire to share the gospel with her sister. These days are kind of hard cuz Elder Brito is finishing his mission. He has probably been my closest companion. We mesh really well and he is my true friend. He has been a leader in his mission 20 months. Hes awesome. Gunna miss him, it will be interesting to see who is my new companion. Today we went to Pastaruri. It is a glacier and we went on a little excursion there today as a zone. It was cool seeing ice/snow. Elder Terry will be back in highland next week. I told him to go visit you guys so if he does treat him good. he likes tennis and chess. makes me think of Matt and Dad. I sent some pictures. Last p day we also used that ping pong set you guys set haha. worked out pretty well. Thank you so much for your letters They mean the world. Sounds like summer is roling there. it is weird, the season should be oposite, but here in huaraz it is counted as summer right now too, even though it is winter in trujillo. So there is more sun here too. That is crazy what dad told me that a ward in the boundaries has 100 percent members. That really is so crazy to me. haha. I sent lots of pictures this week. Sorry mama i know you only want 5. haha jk. Well i love you guys to death and hope you have a great week.!

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