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September 6, 2012 from Sister Turks Blog


A Look at the Leaders...

 Zone Leaders have a huge responsibility.
They are over all the missionaries under them... 
which could be 12 to 24 missionaries... they watch over
their health, their baptisms, their living conditions, their money,
their special assignments, their exchanges, their teaching skills...
their total welfare!
This is a lot of added work to their already full schedules.
But guess what?
We don't hear any of them complaining.
They just get the job done.
They are the best ever!
* denotes new Zone Leaders

 Elders Casanova and Gamboa- Casma Zone
Elders Mendoza and Araneda* Esperanza Zone
Elders Frietz and Saldivia - Central Zone
Elders Mamani and Northcott - Palermo Zone 

Elders Castillo and Marquez - East Zone 
Elders Escobar and Armstrong - Viru Zone
Elders Brian and Hurley - Porvenir Zone
Elders Johnson and Vera - Laureles Zone

Elders Felt* and Contreras - Chimbote Sur Zone
Elders Davila and Pillajo - Primavera Zone
  Elders Herrera* and Yat - Huaraz Zone 
Elders Olivares and DelaFuente - Chimbote Peru Zone

Elders Merida* and Prebe - Casa Grande Zone 
Elders Cornejo and Mecham - Assistants 
Elder Richards Personal Secretary to the President
Elder Cook Financial Secretary
Elder Mieles Secretary over Physical Facilities/Mailman/Supplies
Elder Castillo Secretary of Records

It is a long day of training and they have only just begun.
Now they change their clothes and head out
to do a service project at some of the Chapels.
Then they change their clothes again
and head out to a night filled with lessons...
They are Excellent!

September 10, 2012 Alma 32:37

Dear Family,
This week was really really great. I am way excited for this new change. The scripture of the week is alma 32:37. A seed is such a great example of Faith. Cuz it is the motivation, and the result. Our faith will continue to produce more faith if we nourish it. My new area is centenario in the porvenir zone. Elder Brian is also way cool and we have about the same desires in the mission. He is from kaysville. He wants to be a doctor also which is cool. He sirved in the office of the mission in finances and health for a time which is cool. This last week was really good we worked really hard. There is a lot of pf families here. Which means people who are members but not everyone in the family is a member. There are a lot of these people who are ready to baptized but just cant without permission from their parents. Porvenir is different than trujillo, its like more country like and not city. The mission home is probably like 30 minutes from here. Speaking of trujillo, we went there this week for zone leader council with president. These meetings are always so awesome. We ate kentucky fried chicken. (maybe there is a correlation between the being awesome and having good food) haha. We have one baptismal date. A brother named Jesus. He is an older man but is the head of the family which is awesome. He should be baptized this saturday. so wait, whit and tom are getting married officially now? that´s awesome!!! I kind of got that impression indirectly reading dads letter but is it like official now??? you gotta tell me these things more directly!! haha anyways congrats whit!!! is there a wedding date or something? Thanks for the ideas and updates about dentistry papa. I feel like when I get home I will just talk to everyone haha Ive learned to love meeting people and Im excited to be a dentist and meet so many people. Overall life is good thanks for writing me papa. have the best week of your life. 
Elder Hurley

September 3, 2012 John 6:46

Dear Family,
This week was good. Thanks For writing me. The scripture of this week is john 6 verse 46. Dad thanks for making me laugh with your english class. haha. I face this every day because the latins also have a responsibility to learn english in there missions. So its funny the many confusions that happen. Well Ill just jump right to my transfer (they call them changes here). ive been changed to be over the zone porvenir. which is in trujillo. My companion is elder brian who is a gringo. my area is called centenario (again haha thats the name of my area right now in huaraz) Im excited. I already know elder brian and he is awesome. Im leaving tonight in the night time to go to trujillo. I have some really great relationships with the people here in huaraz so it will be hard to leave. a lot of members and some converts have told me that they are going to wait at the bus station and send me off tonight. I love the huaraz, its more familiar. Im sure Ill get used to the city again in no time though. Our baptismal date maria is doing really great. I can see her change and being more repented and humble. The spirit is strong and I know she´ll be baptized on the 14th. Im not gunna be there though haha. but thats how things are in the mission. mom wanted to know how megan could prepare. tell her to focus on studying chapter 3 of preach my gospel. that is what we talk about every day of our missions and im still studying it even 16 months into my mission. the second counselor of our ward is now fully active. Being able to activate him by the spirit has been just as satisfying as a baptism. he sat on the stand yesterday for the first time I have ever seen. He even bore his testimony. The spirit works miracles. Overall, I love you guys so much. We are so blessed to have the true gospel. There isn´t any other way to eternal life. Im thankful to my parents for bringing me into the world with the gospel so available. And Im grateful to our heavenly father for giving me a testimony of my own of his true church and gospel. an inspiration that I got this week was that the only way we can show jesus christ that we are remembering him is by taking of his body and blood as we take the sacrament. Even praying every day isn´t enough to remember him because we pray to God not to him. I want to invite you all to prepare now to partake of the sacrament worthily this sunday repented, so that you can start the week of totally clean. I know these ordinances are real because I have felt it. Have the best week of your life!
Elder Hurley

August 27, 2012 2 Corinthians 7:8-10

Dear Family this week was grood. The scripture of the week is 2 corinthians 7 verses 8 through 10. This week was good. we finished off the month with 12 baptisms in the zone. Our ward went to the temple and 4 of my converts here in huaraz went to do baptisms for the dead which was cool. We returned to that orphanage aldea to help more. we are pick axing and shoveling around their wall so they can paint it. today we went to some ruins that are close by huaraz. that was cool. they were closed so we couldn`t go in them but we got some good pictures from outside. This sunday are transfers. Im almost positive that im going to be changed. Ive been in huaraz for 6 months. I love it here but its cool to know other places. We talked in church yesterday which was good. Spanish is so normal for me now and english is what is foreign. Today on our way back from these ruins there was some tourists from australia. They couldn`t even understand us speaking spanish and I spoke to them in english but it was kind of hard haha. We also went to a place called caraz to do some baptismal interviews twice this week. We have to travel a lot. want to talk about the people im working with. A sister named maria accepted to be baptized on the 14th of september. She has been investigating the church for about 15 years. we had a lesson where the spirit was so strong and she has been coming to church every week now. We talked to her husband hector, who was baptized in january or so. Ive never seen him in church my whole time here. But we talked to him about repentence and priesthood and that he if he wanted to could baptize his wife. He came to church yesterday and didn`t want to leave the building. Hes such a great guy, I could see his repentence in his eyes. He also talked with our bishop to make goals to receive the preisthood and baptize his wife. Way cool. WE also found a reference named wagner who came to church the past week but yesterday no. but he attended a lot of times before he came to huaraz. The last time we talked with him he accepted a date for the saturday, its still possible but going to be hard cuz he didn`t attend yesterday. But we are helping him. He is in huaraz working on become police. Overall Im happy. THanks so much for sending me pics. The remodeled house looks amazing. The office today called and said they found my package. apparently whoever sent it here put the mission address wrong, and it was sitting in some bus place for like 2 weeks haha. just to make sure you guys know the address is 
Elder Hurley
Mision peru trujillo
Avenida Larco 849
3 piso
Urb. La merced
Trujillo-La Libertad
 Got a letter from dayton this week which is cool cuz I wrote him a letter last week that I am going to send today. People do have shoes. Everyone has like soccer shoes. We walked to this place far from my area with this old lady who is a member, and she wore like these athletic soccer shoes haha. it was funny and cool. Well love you guys have a great week!
Elder Hurley