Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 10, 2012 Alma 32:37

Dear Family,
This week was really really great. I am way excited for this new change. The scripture of the week is alma 32:37. A seed is such a great example of Faith. Cuz it is the motivation, and the result. Our faith will continue to produce more faith if we nourish it. My new area is centenario in the porvenir zone. Elder Brian is also way cool and we have about the same desires in the mission. He is from kaysville. He wants to be a doctor also which is cool. He sirved in the office of the mission in finances and health for a time which is cool. This last week was really good we worked really hard. There is a lot of pf families here. Which means people who are members but not everyone in the family is a member. There are a lot of these people who are ready to baptized but just cant without permission from their parents. Porvenir is different than trujillo, its like more country like and not city. The mission home is probably like 30 minutes from here. Speaking of trujillo, we went there this week for zone leader council with president. These meetings are always so awesome. We ate kentucky fried chicken. (maybe there is a correlation between the being awesome and having good food) haha. We have one baptismal date. A brother named Jesus. He is an older man but is the head of the family which is awesome. He should be baptized this saturday. so wait, whit and tom are getting married officially now? that´s awesome!!! I kind of got that impression indirectly reading dads letter but is it like official now??? you gotta tell me these things more directly!! haha anyways congrats whit!!! is there a wedding date or something? Thanks for the ideas and updates about dentistry papa. I feel like when I get home I will just talk to everyone haha Ive learned to love meeting people and Im excited to be a dentist and meet so many people. Overall life is good thanks for writing me papa. have the best week of your life. 
Elder Hurley

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