Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 19, 2012 Numbers 12: 6-8

 March 2012 Missionary Group
 Tony and Katia March 2012

This week was Grrrrrrrr8. The scripture of the week is numbers 12; 6-8. Love reading your letters. sorry to hear the bad things that are happening and some good. But this week was good. We had two baptisms. Toni and Katia. Katia is 18 years old, toni is 12. They are siblings, Their sister will be baptized this saturday. Their dad is a member. But really really inactive. The baptizm went really well, me and elder beazer did a musical number, i played guitar and we sang lord i would follow thee. I am sending some pictures. Did a couple baptizmal interviews also, Last thursday I interviewed a guy, and from the start he said i don`t want to be baptized yet. Which a baptismal interview never should start like that.. haha. so i decided to interview him anyways and then decide what to do with the baptism. He was the man, knew all the commandments and was willing to keep them all and wanted to be a member of the church, but his biggest fear was the water. He was absolutely terrified to go under water, thinking that someone can`t support him. I gave him an example without water, and i supported him well and showed him it was easy. After the practice he said, `ok ill get baptized tommorrow. But he wanted me to baptize him. He thought I was the only one strong enough to hold him up and support him in the water haha. But our zone leaders told me to do it if it will help him be baptized. So I baptized him, and it went perfectly. I love that guy he was pretty awesome. I sent some pictures. This past week I have been getting a ton of complements on my spanish from the peruvian people here. They tell me the way I talk is really good and that not too many gringos sound like that. which keeps my esteem up. haha. Well, last night president turk called me. He told me even though Im pretty young and only have one transfer as district leader in my area that he has felt a few times to make me a zone leader. So I am now packing my bags to be a zone leader of the Zone Juaraz. My companion will be Elder Brito, who was my zone leader when i was being trained in Otuzco. I am excited for another growing experience, and I know I will learn a lot from elder brito who has been a zone leader for a while. Juaraz is in the mountains and really far away from trujillo. yall can look up so info on it if you want, but I hear it is the most beautiful place in the mission. So im pretty excited. Kinda sad to leave my area here, and the 3 baptismal dates we have, but I know its where the lord wants me in Juaraz. I`ve been thinking bout uncle blaine this week, and how grateful i am that he paid for my clothes. But I just wanted to invite him personally, to watch the general conference this 31 of march and 1st of april. If you can send him my invitation that would be awesome. Also Mom said with your schedules its hard to do family prayer every day, which I always remember that was the excuse when I was home too. But. ya gotta do it. ;) It is a commandment, just like any other commandment, the word of wisdom, tithing, and So i know it is possible to do it. (see 1 nephi 3;7) THanks so much for your support and letters. Send me the usual, haha maybe wingers sauce, or my favorite thing is current fotos. Love all serve all
Elder Hurley 

Monday, March 19, 2012

A favorite post from Sister Turk's Blog

Mommy, Do I Have to Serve A Mission?

Every mother that has ever read this book has wept.
I will never forget thinking about my own son leaving on a mission.

I thought... "How can I not see his face for two years"
It about rips your heart out.
But I think that the hardest part for a mother is really knowing
that it is the end of their boyhood.

Your son... will turn into a man while he is serving his mission.
They come home all grown up with unbelievable
 talents and attributes and knowledge
that they did not have before.

They have experienced things that they will never 
be able to put into words.

Being on this side of the mission
is a very sacred experience for me.

I am involved with them while they 
are feeling things that are unspeakable.

I watch them dig deep to see what they are really made of
and to find out who they really are.

It's like watching a movie in fast motion
as they mature right before your very eyes.

Nothing on the face of the earth can replace a mission.
To serve the Lord full time, for two years
is the most gratifying, educating, sacred experience 
one can have.

At the end of this book... "Mommy, do I have to serve a mission"
the little boy grows up and leaves home and serves a mission
and then at the end of his mission...
He writes home and says
"Mom, do I have to come home... these people need me"

I am crying just typing this.
I understand more than ever how a great missionary feels
at the end of his mission.
It is very difficult to leave after having 
experiences that have changed your heart for the better
and have helped changed peoples lives forever.

President Turk and I have shed many tears as there have been a few 
missionaries that have chosen to leave early.
They don't know what they are missing.
That regret will be with them forever.
But more importantly 
they are missing out on learning things 
that could change the course of their life
and their eternity.

March 12, 2012 Matthew 25:23

Hey there familia ! This week was maravilloso! The scripture of the week is Matthew 25;23. The people of peru are definitely more humble and nicer than other countries. elder waddell of the seventy told us we have a mission of 10 talents. But This past week we had leadership council with the president which is always amazing. There are some pics of it on the blog. I sent a pic of me and my companion with our new haircuts we got today. Elder beazer is the He is finding out so much about himself and he tells me all the time. His spanish is improving every day and our companionship is becoming really great. Changes are next week, but i hope we stay companions to finish off our baptisms. Right now we have 5 baptismal dates. toni and katia this saturday. Katia is 18 and toni is 12 years old. Their dad is a member but really really inactive. and their mom is catholic. We finally got his mom to support this decision, and she has a lot of confidence in us and even attended church yesterday!. she`ll be next to the water. :) we are going to do a family home evening with them tonight. Next week their sister tanya who is 16 is going to be baptized. and the week after that we have an older couple that are preparing to be baptized for the end of the month. I love the relationships I am creating in this area. It kinda stinks, you make really good strong relationships with people, and then you change to another area. haha. But im pretty sure ill stay here again this next change. We are working really hard and are focused each day. We played some futbol today which was really fun. Thanks mom for telling me about max, its always good to hear how he`s doing. and Jett. I want more pictures. it seems like the first pictures his hair was darker but now its more lighter,  but i want to know what more he looks like. I love dad and all his quotes that he sends me. Tell Grandpa how much I love him and am thankful that he took me on that cruise. Tell grandma hurley thank you so much for her amazing example of faith in jesus christ. Tell grandma and grandpa holt for the great example of hard work and dedication to having a big family and sticking together always. I really have the best people in my life and I love you all so very much. One day we will all sit next to God together if we just persevere till the end. Have the best week of your life!
Elder Hurley

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sister Turks Blog Where's Your Waldo

Sister Turk is always posting pictures of the missionaries.  Which is totally amazing for having over 200 missionaries.  She always does a wonderful job with her blog.  Can you Find him?

Monday, March 5, 2012

March 5, 2012 St. John 3:27

Hey familia,
This week was great. Loved hearing from you guys. The scripture of the week is st john 3;27. That is so so awesome that Rachel is going to Spain! I had a feeling it would be europe. I thought it would be south america or french speaking, but spain is even more awesome. This week was great, Ana and Jose got baptized on saturday. i sent some pictures. their mom attended the baptism, and said the pray at the end, crying through it. This has helped her a lot and we are trying hard to activate her. Her and her husband were really active in the church a long time ago, but a little bit after their baptism, her husband past away. She went inactive. But apparantly her husband was the man in the church and it was cool to hear from some people that knew him. Ana and jose are twins like matt and whit, they are 11 years old. When i first showed up here they didn`t want to talk or even come to the door. But we gained their confidence so much and their testimonies have grown a lot too and it was a cool experience. Also my testimony grew tremendously in the restoration this week. We have been teaching a family , raul and mirope, whos daughters recently were baptized. (They are an older couple). But they have been meeting for the missionaries for like a year. And don`t want to commit to baptizm. We taught the restoration simply, and watched a video, and explained that God either restored the true church through joseph smith or he did not. I asked them if she believed that the church and gospel of jesus christ was restored through joseph smith. she said yes firmly. her husband also. And they accepted to be baptized the 31 of march. I know they will make this goal. its far away, but they are pretty set on that date. I love teaching the people here and I am happy with the work. I wanted to invite you guys to study a little more about the restoration of the gospel, and read in joseph smith history. I remember when we went to all of the sites right before my mission and that was so special. I love you guys so very much and I hope you have the best week of your life. Dad had me laughing hard than I had in a while with his letter. hahaha. I love you guys so so much.
 Jose's and Ana's Baptism  March 3, 2012
Elder Hurley

February 27, 2012 Luke 18:27

Hey family,
Wow i got a letter from every member of my family this week. that was so amazing. I love you guys so so much. THe scripture of the week is Luke 18:27. This week was good and hard. our baptizm that we should of had saturday didn`t happen cuz the sister had to travel to lima to get exams done. (she has cancer) she´ll be here this whole week but i know shell be baptized soon. I love her so much. but this saturday for sure we are going to have 2 baptisms of twins that are 11 years and, their mom is an inactive member of the church, she went inactive after her husband died. but we are hoping to activate her at the same time as her kids get baptized. They are really shy, and when i got here to the area they didn`t want to talk or say anything, it seems like it has been like that way for a while, so we decided to gain the trust a lot, did some object lessons, became their friends, and taught them the gospel, now they are loving the message, and excited to read the book of mormon. Its cool. We had a multi zone conference this last week which was really great. President turk had us remember the day that we were baptized. I invite you guys to do the same, close your eyes, and think about every detail that you can remember about your baptism day. But it was a really great. The kid that we are teaching in english Fardin, is pretty awesome. The gospel is way different than anything he has ever had in his life. but he got a job this week, and he gave the credit to God and as a sign that this is a right path for him. He wants to be baptized, but Has some trouble understanding the importance of the commandments. But he is way cool. I am growing to love this area more and more, even the the people do reject you a lot more. It is the saddest thing in the world to me when i testify with all my heart to try to bring salvation to someones soul and they just reject and say ´alli no mas joven´ haha. but im doin my best. our zone also did the musical number in the multi zone conference this week. they put me in charge of it. I played the piano and our whole zone sang and it turned out pretty sweet. Dad always makes me laugh so much. good to hear yall tryin to get more healthy. you could just wait till the resurrection till you get your perfect body. just saying. haha just kiddin. keep it up paps! The last thing i wanted to say is to tell everyone to remember that happiness is a choice. If you are not happy. just choose to be happy. Have the best week of your life. Love you so much
Elder Hurley