Monday, March 19, 2012

A favorite post from Sister Turk's Blog

Mommy, Do I Have to Serve A Mission?

Every mother that has ever read this book has wept.
I will never forget thinking about my own son leaving on a mission.

I thought... "How can I not see his face for two years"
It about rips your heart out.
But I think that the hardest part for a mother is really knowing
that it is the end of their boyhood.

Your son... will turn into a man while he is serving his mission.
They come home all grown up with unbelievable
 talents and attributes and knowledge
that they did not have before.

They have experienced things that they will never 
be able to put into words.

Being on this side of the mission
is a very sacred experience for me.

I am involved with them while they 
are feeling things that are unspeakable.

I watch them dig deep to see what they are really made of
and to find out who they really are.

It's like watching a movie in fast motion
as they mature right before your very eyes.

Nothing on the face of the earth can replace a mission.
To serve the Lord full time, for two years
is the most gratifying, educating, sacred experience 
one can have.

At the end of this book... "Mommy, do I have to serve a mission"
the little boy grows up and leaves home and serves a mission
and then at the end of his mission...
He writes home and says
"Mom, do I have to come home... these people need me"

I am crying just typing this.
I understand more than ever how a great missionary feels
at the end of his mission.
It is very difficult to leave after having 
experiences that have changed your heart for the better
and have helped changed peoples lives forever.

President Turk and I have shed many tears as there have been a few 
missionaries that have chosen to leave early.
They don't know what they are missing.
That regret will be with them forever.
But more importantly 
they are missing out on learning things 
that could change the course of their life
and their eternity.

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