Sunday, February 24, 2013

Post from Sister Turk Valentines Day 2013

My Happy Heart...

Porvenir Zone was in today and they were all wearing red ties.
Wow, they are on the ball.
President and the Assistants wore green ties
so it was a little Christmasy and confusing.
Valentines Day is overrated on the mission anyway. ha!
Below are Elder Hurley and Elder Zarian the Zone Leaders.
 Elder Oyarzun was a walking one man band today...
He started by playing the recorder, mid-song he changed to a harmonica
and then he sang and harmonized with the rest of the group.
 Look in the next 3 collages and try to find
 two pictures of one of my Elders....
I found the mistake and I was too tired to change it.

Sometimes, when I am going through hundreds of photos every day
I can get confused.  I have over 200 missionaries at a time
and they are all changing Zones and Companions and locations.

I really do know and love every single one of them.
I have told them that getting to the Celestial Kingdom
is not enough for me any more... I want us ALL there together...
every single one of my missionaries.
It might be tough, but it will be worth it.... We can do hard things!

Look at them.... My heart is so full of Love for them today and every day.

February 18, 2013 Helaman 12:5-8

Dear Family,
This week was great!! The scripture of the week is Helaman 12:5-8. We had a baptism this week! A sister named Dariela who was a referall from our convert Rocio that we baptized in December. She has been showing a lot of faith, attending church, and reading and praying. SHe feels the spirit every time she reads the book of mormon. She never accepted baptism. But we just moved forward with faith helping her and her husband to get married to live the law of chastity. Last monday, We finally got her doubts out of her. We taught about the plan of salvation and where we go after this life, this really impacted her, Turns out her doubts were just that she was scared of the water, didn´t want to speak in front of people, and didn´t have a dress to wear. We resolved all these doubts and she was married and baptized on saturday. It is amazing how quickly the lives of people can change. Her husband is also excited, he just travels a lot so it is hard to get him to church enough. I know he will be baptized soon though. We had interviews this week we president, on top of that we had our zone training this week. Busy fun week for us. I love planning and teaching groups. Interviews was the same day as valentines day, we gave all the elders a valentine that had to do with the training we were giving about making plans to get goals. We had them write it on the heart shaped valentine. This week is the last week of the change. I wonder where I will go. I usually have an idea, but I don´t know. I might stay here or go. I love this gospel and I know it is the most important thing of our lives to keep us happy. I hope you guys know how much I love you. Have a great week!
Elder Hurley

February 11, 2013 2 Corinthians 12:9-10

Dear Family,
This week was excellent. The scripture of the week is 2 corinthians 12:9-10. This week was fun. We had zone leader council with president like every month. It was fun. We had the musical number and we had baught these ocarina flute things at the huaca and we played there is a green hill far away. I like soccer more and more all the time. We learned a lot about Unity and it was really cool. This week our zone has interviewed and our zone training so we are planning for that. The big thing we focused on in our area this past week were our marriages. We finally have all the papers filled out and turned in. Today we spent most of P day finishing it all up. The couples should get married this saturday. Rocio, who got baptized in dec with her older daughter is doing awesome and is going to receive a calling. her other daughter and son came to church yesterday too. Also marcos got the priesthood yesterday which was awesome to see. Yes I got the shoes. WOW DAD YOU SPOIL ME. Thanks for the shoes. I am going to take good good care of them. Thanks papa for making me laugh in your letters too. haha. We just have two weeks left in this change and we are hoping to bring a few more souls unto baptism. Our zone is improving all the time and we have great missionaries. I spoke in church yesterday and taught sunday school which is always fun. I like planning and teaching. Sounds like you guys are doing good. Thats cool mom that you met so many dentists. Courts better watch out with the boys!!! thanks so much for your support. I love you guys more than you know.
Elder Hurley

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sister Turk's Blog Zone Conference February 6, 2013


Just Another Day in Paradise...

These are our Zone Leaders and the Assistants
and the Office Elders...

Birthday Boys Today are Elder Massey and Elder Levos....
They had some of Lucy's special 
 Ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, Hot Fudge,  topped with whip cream.
Happy Birthday twins....

Then we were off to the fields for some nice stress reduction...

Zone Leaders Include:
Elders Vera, Zarian, Cerpa, Armstrong, Northcott, May
Richards, Cook, Gamboa, Olivares,
Farfan, Mieles, Mendoza, Levos, Hurley, Davila,
Quispe, Massey, Perez, Brian,
Saldivia, Wallace, Escobar, Johnson, Felt, Yat
Office Elders Fackrell, Castillo, Martinez, Smith
Assistants: Elders Mecham and Castillo 

A wonderful day ... with some wonderful Elders....
We are so happy that you are here with us.

February 4, 2013 D & C 104:11-16

Dear Family,
This week was Excellent! The scripture of the week is D and C 104:11-16. This week we had a baptism! The sister of marcos and juan whos name is mari luz got baptized! Mari Luz is in young womens and has friends which is a huge key to keeping people active. She is awesome as well. The only ones that aren´t members now in the family are the parents. But their parents are really awesome but aren´t married. Yesterday we had a lesson with just the parents and they committed to getting married on the 16th of february. We have 2 couples we are going to get married on this day so we are really happy for that. We got 9 people to church yesterday as well and we feel like a few of them will be baptized in this month. Last monday we went brought the newest elder in our zone to lunch and went to trujillo. I sent some pictures. Found some american mexican food. This week is zone leader council with president, so we are excited for that. I love this work so much and I know that God is helping his work. A little shorter my letter today because I want to respond to some of you personally. Have the best week of your life!!!!
 Elder Hurley

January 28, 2013 1Thessalonians 2:8,9,20

Dear Family,
This week was really great. The scripture of the week is 1 thessalonians 2: verses 8,9,20.  We had two baptisms this week. Two boys from one of the families we have been teaching. There names are juan and marcos. Both bible names. They are awesome Marcos is 15 and his little brother is 8. We think that their sister will be baptized this week and the parents hopefully will marry and get baptized in february. It was cool hearing the testimony of little 8 year old juan who told us he prayed and asked god if the church was true and god told him that it is. And It will be awesome to see marcos on a mission in a few years! Last week we went to this place called la huaca de la luna y sol. Old ancient ruins of a civilization in the americas. I asked the tour guide lady if she knew how people got to the americas. She said that there are just different theories that aren´t supported by what the bible tells us. I explained to her that God spoke with people here anciently as well as in jerusalem and their words are found in the book of mormon. She seemed really interested in reading the book of mormon. Thanks for writing me. I love hearing about your lives. I know that this work is true. Have the best week of your life!!!

elder hurley

January 21, 2013 1 John 5:4-9

Dear Family,This week was really great. The scripture of the week is 1 john 5:4-9. We are working hard here in my area, we had 2 days less of proseliting due to lidership meeting days, and still managed to have the most lessons in the zone. Zone leader council was really awesome as usuall. WE did service together after and sister turk took us to the new pinksberry that is here. Marcos, an awesome teenager is going to get baptized this week. He went to church yesterday in a white shirt and pants which is a big deal. He is cool and wants to serve a mission. He sister and brother may also get baptized this day we are working with them and trying to get the parents married. Speaking of marriage, one couple we are teaching committed to getting married. a sister named dariela, who was a referencia from our convert Rocio has really grown spiritually, coming to church and reading the BOM. they committed to getting married on the 16th of february in order to live the law of chastity, they are excited and I am too. God has answered my prayers. Today we are going to go to la huaca de la luna y sol. some old ruins. but we are going in the afternoon so I will send pictures next week. I went there once already when I started my mission. I will understand a lot more this time around. haha :) We also had a meeting with the stake president this week to go over some things in the zone. We attend ward council every week here. Here the missionarys are members of the ward council. Well I don´t have too much more to say except that I am happy and hope you guys are all happy. God really does exist and really talks to us through prophets. Thanks for all of your examples, you have all really helped me be a better person.
Elder Hurley