Sunday, February 24, 2013

Post from Sister Turk Valentines Day 2013

My Happy Heart...

Porvenir Zone was in today and they were all wearing red ties.
Wow, they are on the ball.
President and the Assistants wore green ties
so it was a little Christmasy and confusing.
Valentines Day is overrated on the mission anyway. ha!
Below are Elder Hurley and Elder Zarian the Zone Leaders.
 Elder Oyarzun was a walking one man band today...
He started by playing the recorder, mid-song he changed to a harmonica
and then he sang and harmonized with the rest of the group.
 Look in the next 3 collages and try to find
 two pictures of one of my Elders....
I found the mistake and I was too tired to change it.

Sometimes, when I am going through hundreds of photos every day
I can get confused.  I have over 200 missionaries at a time
and they are all changing Zones and Companions and locations.

I really do know and love every single one of them.
I have told them that getting to the Celestial Kingdom
is not enough for me any more... I want us ALL there together...
every single one of my missionaries.
It might be tough, but it will be worth it.... We can do hard things!

Look at them.... My heart is so full of Love for them today and every day.

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