Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 23, 2012 Alma 38:5-6

hello family!
This week I got a letter from every member of my family! I love you all so much and thanks for the wonderful support! the scripture of the week is Alma chapter 38 verses 5 and 6. This past week was good. We achieved our goal as a zone for the month. the goal was 14, right now we have 17 confirmations and still have this week. Love hearing from you guys, first to answer your questions. pa asked if ive been sick. i have a few times in the mission not too serious, just little things. when i arrived here to huaraz I had a huge cold for the longest time due to the climate change. Elder Yat is still fighting the cold he received from when He arrived here. But right now im really good. Im looking forward to the resees that you sent. My favorite candy. We buy them here in huaraz in the center for really cheap. I can buy like 2 cups for like 40 cents. This week the traveling asistants which have both been my zone leader before, came to our zone this week. They are both from chile and are hard workers. both finish their missions today. good pals. sent some pics. we have been working so hard with this guy named seberiano this past week. we had planned to have his baptism saturday, he even passed his baptismal interview. he wanted to do it sunday, but then changed his mind and wanted to do it next sunday so his sister could come. I knew if he didn`t get baptised this week, he wasn`t going to make it till the next week without falling. But he refused and he decided next sunday at 10 he would do it. today it came to our knowledge that he drank yesterday. so we have to start the whole process over. its sad cuz Ive been working with him for like 4 and a half months. but we are going to keep helping him. changes were yesterday, my old mtc companion elder armstrong was just made a zone leader, which is so so awesome and im happy for him. I hope we are companions some day. Im staying here in huaraz for at least 6 more weeks. This week is holidays for peru. the 28th is their independence day and the 25th is aniversery of huaraz. Lots of people around celebrating and lots of cool things happening. I sent a pic. the biggest problem we have here in huaraz is that everyone lives together and has children without getting married. which makes it impossible to be baptized. a little while back we contacted a taxi driver who also does marriages. we arranged to have a big marriage in our zone. the requisites are hard but we helped the areas in our zone obtain the birth certifacates and on friday we had some marriages so that some more could get baptized. we are trying to put another one together for this friday. Overall life is good, i hope you all are happy. thats awesome that ty is getting off to the mish. He wrote me a couple weeks ago. Love you guys so much !
elder Hurley

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sister Turk's Post about Leadership Conference

They're Back.... Our Leaders!

All the mission leaders were in for training today.
Assistants, Zone Leaders, District Leaders, Hermana Asignadas,
and the office Elders.

A lot of great training happens between 8 and 5 on these conference days.

Elder Vera is our fantastic Leader of Leaders.

We have so many great missionaries that are capable to lead in every way.

Elder Mecham did a great job... his first leadership as an Assistant.

If your son or daughter is in this picture ... 
thank you for raising such a fine missionary.

 I love when each one of these missionaries can jump in and talk and discuss and 
testify about the scriptures and what we are studying.

They are sponges... soaking in so much knowledge ...
and then going back and teaching it to their 
Zones and Districts.

 Elder Retamal was excellent in his training ...
 ...along with his companion Elder Arena.
They are both seasoned teachers.
We will miss their leadership... they both end their missions in two weeks.
Thanks to all those that took part today in the training.
Tomorrow.... the Zone Leaders!

Sister Turks Blog about the Zone Leaders July 2012

And here are all of our Zone Leaders...

Elder Gomez                               Elder Casanova               Elder Mendoza
 Elder Mieles -office                   Elder Prebe             Elder Vera (jr)

Elder Retamal  -Assistant       Elder Arena - Assistant     Elder DelaFuente
 Elder Olivares                            Elder Cornejo                       Elder Mamani

              Elder Frietz                  Elder Berroterán      Elder Davila -office
Elder Contreras                              Elder Lopez                        Elder Uribe

         Elder Saldivia                 Elder Northcott            Elder Vera jr - oops
 Elder Johnson                               Elder Wilkinson                     Elder Hurley

 Elder Mecham -Assistant        Elder Vera- Assistatnt      Elder Gamboa
Elder Brian                                   Elder Marquez                     Elder Pillajo

       Elder Yat                                                                      Elder Escobar
                                                                                                Elder Hannemann

We Absolutely Love these Elders!
Thank you,  Gracias
Les Amo,  I love you all!

They are out doing service this afternoon at several
of the chapels.  They are awesome!

July 9, 2012 3 Nephi 7:23-26

Dear Family,
Hope you had a good week. Missed your letters but courts never fails! I hope you guys had a good week in yellowstone. I´ll love to hear about it. the scripture of the week is 3 nephi 7:23-26. We have been working really hard this week. we have to baptisms for this saturday. The first se llama elida. she is a chosen prepared one of God. She accepted a date the first lesson. Has kept all of her commitments. and has been attending church. SHes ways excited to be baptized on saturday. THe other is Vilma. She has basically been a member for 6 months. She puts the example for the rest of the word and has attended faithfully since september. the only thing is she lives unmarried with her partner so she hasn{t been able to be baptized. Recently after all these months of frustration, and us trying to reunite them with marriage, she made a decision to denounce him legally so hes forced to leave her house. She has been a great example of faith and has been technically living the law of chastity since we taught it, but still there was a problem cuz her husband still livs there. the office said she could have a interview with the bishop so he knows the situation and he can approve her baptizm. he did and she also passed her baptismal interview besides that. so she will be baptized saturday. we have another man seberiano that may be baptized saturday. He has had a problem with alcohol but now he is more commited and desires to be baptized. One of my converts edizon who I baptized, presented us his friend this week. who is really animated to listen and he attended yesterday and he always wants to be baptized. We gave him a date for the 21st. The only thing we need now is permission from him mama and to teach him the lessons. He is awesome too. our zone is really animated and we are focusing on 20 confirmations this month. we have 7 dates for this week. our goal as a zone is 14. but we are focusing on 20 and we think we can do it. I sent to the pictures that wouldn´t send the last time. A couple weeks ago i suggested to president that we should ask the missionaries of any baptisms they have had that didn´t get confirmed, with the reasons why they didn´t and what area they are in so they can get confirmed. Its cool because he liked the idea and is using it. My companion Elder Yat is cool. He likes music a lot and we are going to go play some piano today. woot!. Tonight we are going to trujillo. Tommorrow is leadership council for all the leaders in the mission. And wednseday we have zone leader council with president. Life is good each day I learn that suffering helps us grow so just to take it with a good attitude. I love you guys so much and hope you are happy.
Elder Hurley

July 2, 2012 Titus 1:16

Dear Family,
This week was gr8. The scripture of the week is Titus 1:16. I loved getting all your letters and especially the picture of me when I was young. Thanks papá! Thanks also for the laughs you gave me. hahaha. Well this week was great. We had 2 baptisms. both in young mens. a kid named Aaron who is 13. I have never had an investigator that understands the principles we teach so fast as this kid did. He is really smart and was ordained a deacon yesterday. We also baptized eduardo who is 16. This kid has so much faith. Every lesson for like 3 months he has been praying that he could arrive at this baptisms. He just couldn`t for he university on sundays. But it it all got worked out so he can attend every sunday. both were really good baptismal services. He was ordained a priest yesterday. I gave them both the priesthood and ordained them to their offices. That was the first time in my life I have done that. We finally have a young mens quorum!. I am thinking about getting glasses. My eyes have always been perfect, but in the last council I tried on an elders glasses and I could actually see better! it was a weird sensation cuz usually its just more blurry. I took an eye exam last week for like 4 bucks (first in my life) and with the lenses I could see way better. I think I still have 20 20 but with glasses I can see extra better. If I do end up buying some, it will just be for ocasions for like if Im sitting in class, looking at a far away whiteboard. I don`t think it will change much, but yeah we`ll see if I get them. They said my perscription is 0.5  below. or im not sure how you call that. But yeah i pretty much felt like a nerd bomb. so I took a nerdy picture with my companions glasses to send to you guys. haha. Today we went to a place called Honcopampa. We went to a waterfall, and saw some cool ruins. and played some futbol. There was this little black dog that guided us to the waterful, it was an awesome guide, it would wait for us and show us the way, when we left it started following our bus down the road. haha. I miss maxer. Well I hope You guys had a great week. I want pictures of yellowstone! have the best week of your life!! well I had like 10 pictures I wanted you to have but its not sending sorry maybe next week!
  • elder Hurley