Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sister Turk's Post about Leadership Conference

They're Back.... Our Leaders!

All the mission leaders were in for training today.
Assistants, Zone Leaders, District Leaders, Hermana Asignadas,
and the office Elders.

A lot of great training happens between 8 and 5 on these conference days.

Elder Vera is our fantastic Leader of Leaders.

We have so many great missionaries that are capable to lead in every way.

Elder Mecham did a great job... his first leadership as an Assistant.

If your son or daughter is in this picture ... 
thank you for raising such a fine missionary.

 I love when each one of these missionaries can jump in and talk and discuss and 
testify about the scriptures and what we are studying.

They are sponges... soaking in so much knowledge ...
and then going back and teaching it to their 
Zones and Districts.

 Elder Retamal was excellent in his training ...
 ...along with his companion Elder Arena.
They are both seasoned teachers.
We will miss their leadership... they both end their missions in two weeks.
Thanks to all those that took part today in the training.
Tomorrow.... the Zone Leaders!

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