Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 9, 2012 3 Nephi 7:23-26

Dear Family,
Hope you had a good week. Missed your letters but courts never fails! I hope you guys had a good week in yellowstone. I´ll love to hear about it. the scripture of the week is 3 nephi 7:23-26. We have been working really hard this week. we have to baptisms for this saturday. The first se llama elida. she is a chosen prepared one of God. She accepted a date the first lesson. Has kept all of her commitments. and has been attending church. SHes ways excited to be baptized on saturday. THe other is Vilma. She has basically been a member for 6 months. She puts the example for the rest of the word and has attended faithfully since september. the only thing is she lives unmarried with her partner so she hasn{t been able to be baptized. Recently after all these months of frustration, and us trying to reunite them with marriage, she made a decision to denounce him legally so hes forced to leave her house. She has been a great example of faith and has been technically living the law of chastity since we taught it, but still there was a problem cuz her husband still livs there. the office said she could have a interview with the bishop so he knows the situation and he can approve her baptizm. he did and she also passed her baptismal interview besides that. so she will be baptized saturday. we have another man seberiano that may be baptized saturday. He has had a problem with alcohol but now he is more commited and desires to be baptized. One of my converts edizon who I baptized, presented us his friend this week. who is really animated to listen and he attended yesterday and he always wants to be baptized. We gave him a date for the 21st. The only thing we need now is permission from him mama and to teach him the lessons. He is awesome too. our zone is really animated and we are focusing on 20 confirmations this month. we have 7 dates for this week. our goal as a zone is 14. but we are focusing on 20 and we think we can do it. I sent to the pictures that wouldn´t send the last time. A couple weeks ago i suggested to president that we should ask the missionaries of any baptisms they have had that didn´t get confirmed, with the reasons why they didn´t and what area they are in so they can get confirmed. Its cool because he liked the idea and is using it. My companion Elder Yat is cool. He likes music a lot and we are going to go play some piano today. woot!. Tonight we are going to trujillo. Tommorrow is leadership council for all the leaders in the mission. And wednseday we have zone leader council with president. Life is good each day I learn that suffering helps us grow so just to take it with a good attitude. I love you guys so much and hope you are happy.
Elder Hurley

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