Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 2, 2012 Titus 1:16

Dear Family,
This week was gr8. The scripture of the week is Titus 1:16. I loved getting all your letters and especially the picture of me when I was young. Thanks papá! Thanks also for the laughs you gave me. hahaha. Well this week was great. We had 2 baptisms. both in young mens. a kid named Aaron who is 13. I have never had an investigator that understands the principles we teach so fast as this kid did. He is really smart and was ordained a deacon yesterday. We also baptized eduardo who is 16. This kid has so much faith. Every lesson for like 3 months he has been praying that he could arrive at this baptisms. He just couldn`t for he university on sundays. But it it all got worked out so he can attend every sunday. both were really good baptismal services. He was ordained a priest yesterday. I gave them both the priesthood and ordained them to their offices. That was the first time in my life I have done that. We finally have a young mens quorum!. I am thinking about getting glasses. My eyes have always been perfect, but in the last council I tried on an elders glasses and I could actually see better! it was a weird sensation cuz usually its just more blurry. I took an eye exam last week for like 4 bucks (first in my life) and with the lenses I could see way better. I think I still have 20 20 but with glasses I can see extra better. If I do end up buying some, it will just be for ocasions for like if Im sitting in class, looking at a far away whiteboard. I don`t think it will change much, but yeah we`ll see if I get them. They said my perscription is 0.5  below. or im not sure how you call that. But yeah i pretty much felt like a nerd bomb. so I took a nerdy picture with my companions glasses to send to you guys. haha. Today we went to a place called Honcopampa. We went to a waterfall, and saw some cool ruins. and played some futbol. There was this little black dog that guided us to the waterful, it was an awesome guide, it would wait for us and show us the way, when we left it started following our bus down the road. haha. I miss maxer. Well I hope You guys had a great week. I want pictures of yellowstone! have the best week of your life!! well I had like 10 pictures I wanted you to have but its not sending sorry maybe next week!
  • elder Hurley

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