Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 25, 2012 Ezekiel 34:5-8

 Dear Family,
> > This week was chevare. I got lots of letters this week to read so my time
> > is short, so I will respond in a big letter then try to move on to the
> > write you individually. The scripture of the week is Ezekiel 34:5-8. This
> > week was good. We had another confirmation! haha we don´t baptize. we just
> > confirm. But that is what really counts in the end. With the help of one of
> > our district leaders. We found a man of 28 years who got baptized in
> > october but never got confirmed. He lives in our area now. his name is
> > hernan and he is really awesome. he has been attended institute and has an
> > awesome testimony and knows the commandments. We gave him an interview and
> > with our bishop also and he got confirmed yesterday. My companion has been
> > sick this past week with a really bad cold. its hard for me sometimes cuz
> > it slows down the work a little, but we still pushed our hardest the whole
> > week. Last week we had a competition between all the zone leaders, of who
> > can create and have the most efficient whiteboard for their zone. We put
> > fit some really good indicaters there and sent in pictures to the office of
> > the different parts. Elder Yat and I won the competition! they sent us some
> > markers and some junk food. I sent some pics. my companion is freezing here
> > in huaraz haha. we are going to have 2 baptisms this week. a kid named
> > aaron. who is really awesome. Ive never taught anyone in my mission that
> > understands so quickly what we teaching and keeps every commitment and
> > more. He asked me to baptized him yesterday, so ill send pictures next week
> > of that. Also another kid who i have been teaching since I got here to
> > huaraz. he finally was able to change his college schedule so that he can
> > attend church every sunday. I hope daddio had a great birthday. it sounds
> > like you guys spoiled him. him makes me laugh so hard. Also something realy
> > cool that happened, last monday our convert sergio asked me to give him a
> > picture to paint. I thought yeah, cool. so I gave him a picture of the
> > thing which is most valuable to me. Yesterday in church he brought me this
> > huge painting that is so so awesome. I sent pictures of it. Its like one of
> > the bests gifts ive ever gotten. I don´t need anything, im very good. my
> > companion is really good. have the best week of your life! oh I got a
> > letter from the powwells. that was really nice. I laughed out loud louder
> > than I have in a while from the joke that sister powell said *why do
> > gorrillas have big fingers? because they have big nostrils.* hahaha. well
> > have the best week ever.

> > Elder Hurley

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