Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012 D & C 122:5-8

Hey family!
Hows the best family ever? Happy birthday mama! 
The scripture of the week is doctrine and covenants 122:5-8. 

We have to remember that it doesn´t matter what afflictions or trials we have, Nothing that we pass will be worse than what Jesus Christ passed through. 

 This week was great. We went to Trujillo for zone leader council. It was way great. Learned a lot from president Turk and the spirit. We also played futbol after eating lunch at the mission home which was way awesome. Elder Brito finished his mission this week, and today he will be home with his family. Some members gave him a going away party thing which was really awesome and spiritual. He's been probably the best companion I've had so far. I love that guy, he said he is gonna tag some pics of me on facebook when he gets home, so look for these. 
 Friday in the night we had a big scare. we called someone, then took a taxi to the chapel, and next thing we knew we didn´t have the cell phone. We called the taxi drivers cell phone (we had it cuz we contacted him) he said there wasn´t anything in his taxi. We called the phone over and over and over again. finally in the night time a lady answered and said she found it in the taxi. She wasn´t very helpful at first, seemed like she just wanted money. But after insisting a lot and explaining who we were and the importance of the phone, she agreed to give it to us. We waited in the spot she told us to for like 30 minutes, and she finally arrived. We paid for her pasage to get there and gave her some candy. I couldn´t believe we got the cell phone back! well changes happened this week. they are closing another area in our zone cuz we are lowering in missionaries in the mission. so now we just have 14 in the zone, where there was 18 in the zone when I first got here. Elder Yat is going to be my new companion here, He was my old zone leader when I was in trujillo. He arrives tommorrow. I love you guys so much. sounds like mom had a good birthday, dad makes me laugh every time. I like enduring to the end better in spanishing. Perseverar hasta el fin. in english is appears we are just enduring this life haha. But in Spanish it is persevering. Well I love you guys have the best week of your life!
Elder HUrley

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