Monday, March 5, 2012

March 5, 2012 St. John 3:27

Hey familia,
This week was great. Loved hearing from you guys. The scripture of the week is st john 3;27. That is so so awesome that Rachel is going to Spain! I had a feeling it would be europe. I thought it would be south america or french speaking, but spain is even more awesome. This week was great, Ana and Jose got baptized on saturday. i sent some pictures. their mom attended the baptism, and said the pray at the end, crying through it. This has helped her a lot and we are trying hard to activate her. Her and her husband were really active in the church a long time ago, but a little bit after their baptism, her husband past away. She went inactive. But apparantly her husband was the man in the church and it was cool to hear from some people that knew him. Ana and jose are twins like matt and whit, they are 11 years old. When i first showed up here they didn`t want to talk or even come to the door. But we gained their confidence so much and their testimonies have grown a lot too and it was a cool experience. Also my testimony grew tremendously in the restoration this week. We have been teaching a family , raul and mirope, whos daughters recently were baptized. (They are an older couple). But they have been meeting for the missionaries for like a year. And don`t want to commit to baptizm. We taught the restoration simply, and watched a video, and explained that God either restored the true church through joseph smith or he did not. I asked them if she believed that the church and gospel of jesus christ was restored through joseph smith. she said yes firmly. her husband also. And they accepted to be baptized the 31 of march. I know they will make this goal. its far away, but they are pretty set on that date. I love teaching the people here and I am happy with the work. I wanted to invite you guys to study a little more about the restoration of the gospel, and read in joseph smith history. I remember when we went to all of the sites right before my mission and that was so special. I love you guys so very much and I hope you have the best week of your life. Dad had me laughing hard than I had in a while with his letter. hahaha. I love you guys so so much.
 Jose's and Ana's Baptism  March 3, 2012
Elder Hurley

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