Monday, March 5, 2012

February 27, 2012 Luke 18:27

Hey family,
Wow i got a letter from every member of my family this week. that was so amazing. I love you guys so so much. THe scripture of the week is Luke 18:27. This week was good and hard. our baptizm that we should of had saturday didn`t happen cuz the sister had to travel to lima to get exams done. (she has cancer) she´ll be here this whole week but i know shell be baptized soon. I love her so much. but this saturday for sure we are going to have 2 baptisms of twins that are 11 years and, their mom is an inactive member of the church, she went inactive after her husband died. but we are hoping to activate her at the same time as her kids get baptized. They are really shy, and when i got here to the area they didn`t want to talk or say anything, it seems like it has been like that way for a while, so we decided to gain the trust a lot, did some object lessons, became their friends, and taught them the gospel, now they are loving the message, and excited to read the book of mormon. Its cool. We had a multi zone conference this last week which was really great. President turk had us remember the day that we were baptized. I invite you guys to do the same, close your eyes, and think about every detail that you can remember about your baptism day. But it was a really great. The kid that we are teaching in english Fardin, is pretty awesome. The gospel is way different than anything he has ever had in his life. but he got a job this week, and he gave the credit to God and as a sign that this is a right path for him. He wants to be baptized, but Has some trouble understanding the importance of the commandments. But he is way cool. I am growing to love this area more and more, even the the people do reject you a lot more. It is the saddest thing in the world to me when i testify with all my heart to try to bring salvation to someones soul and they just reject and say ´alli no mas joven´ haha. but im doin my best. our zone also did the musical number in the multi zone conference this week. they put me in charge of it. I played the piano and our whole zone sang and it turned out pretty sweet. Dad always makes me laugh so much. good to hear yall tryin to get more healthy. you could just wait till the resurrection till you get your perfect body. just saying. haha just kiddin. keep it up paps! The last thing i wanted to say is to tell everyone to remember that happiness is a choice. If you are not happy. just choose to be happy. Have the best week of your life. Love you so much
Elder Hurley 

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