Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 19, 2012 Numbers 12: 6-8

 March 2012 Missionary Group
 Tony and Katia March 2012

This week was Grrrrrrrr8. The scripture of the week is numbers 12; 6-8. Love reading your letters. sorry to hear the bad things that are happening and some good. But this week was good. We had two baptisms. Toni and Katia. Katia is 18 years old, toni is 12. They are siblings, Their sister will be baptized this saturday. Their dad is a member. But really really inactive. The baptizm went really well, me and elder beazer did a musical number, i played guitar and we sang lord i would follow thee. I am sending some pictures. Did a couple baptizmal interviews also, Last thursday I interviewed a guy, and from the start he said i don`t want to be baptized yet. Which a baptismal interview never should start like that.. haha. so i decided to interview him anyways and then decide what to do with the baptism. He was the man, knew all the commandments and was willing to keep them all and wanted to be a member of the church, but his biggest fear was the water. He was absolutely terrified to go under water, thinking that someone can`t support him. I gave him an example without water, and i supported him well and showed him it was easy. After the practice he said, `ok ill get baptized tommorrow. But he wanted me to baptize him. He thought I was the only one strong enough to hold him up and support him in the water haha. But our zone leaders told me to do it if it will help him be baptized. So I baptized him, and it went perfectly. I love that guy he was pretty awesome. I sent some pictures. This past week I have been getting a ton of complements on my spanish from the peruvian people here. They tell me the way I talk is really good and that not too many gringos sound like that. which keeps my esteem up. haha. Well, last night president turk called me. He told me even though Im pretty young and only have one transfer as district leader in my area that he has felt a few times to make me a zone leader. So I am now packing my bags to be a zone leader of the Zone Juaraz. My companion will be Elder Brito, who was my zone leader when i was being trained in Otuzco. I am excited for another growing experience, and I know I will learn a lot from elder brito who has been a zone leader for a while. Juaraz is in the mountains and really far away from trujillo. yall can look up so info on it if you want, but I hear it is the most beautiful place in the mission. So im pretty excited. Kinda sad to leave my area here, and the 3 baptismal dates we have, but I know its where the lord wants me in Juaraz. I`ve been thinking bout uncle blaine this week, and how grateful i am that he paid for my clothes. But I just wanted to invite him personally, to watch the general conference this 31 of march and 1st of april. If you can send him my invitation that would be awesome. Also Mom said with your schedules its hard to do family prayer every day, which I always remember that was the excuse when I was home too. But. ya gotta do it. ;) It is a commandment, just like any other commandment, the word of wisdom, tithing, and So i know it is possible to do it. (see 1 nephi 3;7) THanks so much for your support and letters. Send me the usual, haha maybe wingers sauce, or my favorite thing is current fotos. Love all serve all
Elder Hurley 

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