Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 3, 2012 John 6:46

Dear Family,
This week was good. Thanks For writing me. The scripture of this week is john 6 verse 46. Dad thanks for making me laugh with your english class. haha. I face this every day because the latins also have a responsibility to learn english in there missions. So its funny the many confusions that happen. Well Ill just jump right to my transfer (they call them changes here). ive been changed to be over the zone porvenir. which is in trujillo. My companion is elder brian who is a gringo. my area is called centenario (again haha thats the name of my area right now in huaraz) Im excited. I already know elder brian and he is awesome. Im leaving tonight in the night time to go to trujillo. I have some really great relationships with the people here in huaraz so it will be hard to leave. a lot of members and some converts have told me that they are going to wait at the bus station and send me off tonight. I love the huaraz, its more familiar. Im sure Ill get used to the city again in no time though. Our baptismal date maria is doing really great. I can see her change and being more repented and humble. The spirit is strong and I know she´ll be baptized on the 14th. Im not gunna be there though haha. but thats how things are in the mission. mom wanted to know how megan could prepare. tell her to focus on studying chapter 3 of preach my gospel. that is what we talk about every day of our missions and im still studying it even 16 months into my mission. the second counselor of our ward is now fully active. Being able to activate him by the spirit has been just as satisfying as a baptism. he sat on the stand yesterday for the first time I have ever seen. He even bore his testimony. The spirit works miracles. Overall, I love you guys so much. We are so blessed to have the true gospel. There isn´t any other way to eternal life. Im thankful to my parents for bringing me into the world with the gospel so available. And Im grateful to our heavenly father for giving me a testimony of my own of his true church and gospel. an inspiration that I got this week was that the only way we can show jesus christ that we are remembering him is by taking of his body and blood as we take the sacrament. Even praying every day isn´t enough to remember him because we pray to God not to him. I want to invite you all to prepare now to partake of the sacrament worthily this sunday repented, so that you can start the week of totally clean. I know these ordinances are real because I have felt it. Have the best week of your life!
Elder Hurley

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