Sunday, September 16, 2012

August 27, 2012 2 Corinthians 7:8-10

Dear Family this week was grood. The scripture of the week is 2 corinthians 7 verses 8 through 10. This week was good. we finished off the month with 12 baptisms in the zone. Our ward went to the temple and 4 of my converts here in huaraz went to do baptisms for the dead which was cool. We returned to that orphanage aldea to help more. we are pick axing and shoveling around their wall so they can paint it. today we went to some ruins that are close by huaraz. that was cool. they were closed so we couldn`t go in them but we got some good pictures from outside. This sunday are transfers. Im almost positive that im going to be changed. Ive been in huaraz for 6 months. I love it here but its cool to know other places. We talked in church yesterday which was good. Spanish is so normal for me now and english is what is foreign. Today on our way back from these ruins there was some tourists from australia. They couldn`t even understand us speaking spanish and I spoke to them in english but it was kind of hard haha. We also went to a place called caraz to do some baptismal interviews twice this week. We have to travel a lot. want to talk about the people im working with. A sister named maria accepted to be baptized on the 14th of september. She has been investigating the church for about 15 years. we had a lesson where the spirit was so strong and she has been coming to church every week now. We talked to her husband hector, who was baptized in january or so. Ive never seen him in church my whole time here. But we talked to him about repentence and priesthood and that he if he wanted to could baptize his wife. He came to church yesterday and didn`t want to leave the building. Hes such a great guy, I could see his repentence in his eyes. He also talked with our bishop to make goals to receive the preisthood and baptize his wife. Way cool. WE also found a reference named wagner who came to church the past week but yesterday no. but he attended a lot of times before he came to huaraz. The last time we talked with him he accepted a date for the saturday, its still possible but going to be hard cuz he didn`t attend yesterday. But we are helping him. He is in huaraz working on become police. Overall Im happy. THanks so much for sending me pics. The remodeled house looks amazing. The office today called and said they found my package. apparently whoever sent it here put the mission address wrong, and it was sitting in some bus place for like 2 weeks haha. just to make sure you guys know the address is 
Elder Hurley
Mision peru trujillo
Avenida Larco 849
3 piso
Urb. La merced
Trujillo-La Libertad
 Got a letter from dayton this week which is cool cuz I wrote him a letter last week that I am going to send today. People do have shoes. Everyone has like soccer shoes. We walked to this place far from my area with this old lady who is a member, and she wore like these athletic soccer shoes haha. it was funny and cool. Well love you guys have a great week!
Elder Hurley

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