Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 20, 2012 D&C 68:33-34

Dear family,
This week was fantabulous. The scripture of the week is doctrine and convenants 68:33-34. Well this week was really great. last wednesday did a companion exchange with elder cottle who is from utah. a member took us to a little town that is in my area called jinua. we didn´t know about this place but there are quite a few members that are inactive there. the mostly speak quechua and not spanish so it was kinda hard, but the member that was with us did a little translated. My pensionista is always teaching us quechua but I don´t know it enough to have a conversation. mostly just to say  "im full" cuz i am never hungry with my pensionista haha. We also did a service project with our was at an orphanage that is called aldea. We played games with the kids there and taught them all a missionary lesson. We also did service for them shoveling and picaxing so that the ground was more level and so they could paint. we have been working a lot more with the members which is helping all of our other fases of the work. especially finding new investigators and having more people in church. We also have been working with our 2nd counselor of the bishopric in our ward who is inactive. he attended church yesterday with all his family for the first time in probably a year. Overall I am happy and hoping to see a miracle this week. two quotes I wanted to share with you all is something dad told me in the letter he wrote me my first day in the MTC. "The only regrets in this life are when we don´t do our best." and " It is easy to accept our failures if we know we worked our hardest" Dads council is amazing and I love the support of all of you guys. Have a great week!!!
Elder Hurley

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