Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sister Turks Blog Zone Conference August 1, 2012

Zoned In....

 President Turk gets pretty animated with his training to his Zone Leaders...
Watch out... He's on a roll!

I have to bring a ton of Lucy's Chocolate Chip cookies 
with me to these meetings
so that I keep them a little pumped up on sugar.

Nothing goes better together than a missionary and a chocolate chip cookie.

Our newest Zone Leaders at their first Concilio are ...
Elder Castillo, Elder Armstrong and Elder Davila.
They are already awesome leaders.

When it's time for the group photo...
I just send President Turk out to the backyard
and he stands in his spot.

Pretty soon a few see what is going on...

and then...  here come some more that are paying attention...

And soon they are all in place with their arms folded
and their heads looking up at me...
I don't have to say a word any more.
These are my favorite pictures...

They are a small but mighty army
of foreordained men who hold the Priesthood of God.
They are just starting to get a glimpse of 
the strength and honor of the Priesthood.
 I want them to know that they truly 
are created for Great... Great things.
They can't even comprehend them yet.
 Please note that Elder Mieles, front row second on the left
was back with us all day
after getting his appendix removed last night at 7:30.
We can't keep him down.
He was just a spectator... and he is laying low.

We had a little olympic soccer play today.
They were put into five teams according to the shirt
they were given by the field we were at.
We had Italy, Spain, Britain, Argentina and Brazil represented.

They play five minutes or until a team scores...
It is fast and fun and not heated at all.
They all need some cardio and some fresh air.

We are all Team Trujillo and we are Winners!
I should be a motivational speaker.

Our Zone Leaders are:

Yat, Pillajo, Casanova, Gamboa, Davila, Escobar, Marquez, Cornejo, 
Gomez, Northcott, Berroteran, Armstrong, Brian, Hurley, Saldivia, 
Mamani, Contreras, Vera II, Johnson, Castillo, Olivares, Lopez, 
Mendoza, Prebe, Frietz, DelaFuente

Office Elders:
Assistants - Vera and Mecham
Personal Secretary - Richards
Finance Secretary - Cook
Records Secretary - Castillo
Physical Facilities - Mieles

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