Thursday, August 9, 2012

July 30, 212 Santiago 4:17

Dear Family,
You are the best. I have such a supportive family I love you all so much. The scripture of the week is santiago 4:17. I loved your letters. sounds like every one is doing really good. I want some pics of skinny shawn. haha. and maxer. mom tells me how everyone looks which makes me want to see them!! dont worry mama I´ll bring the shirt back if you send it. :) thats cool about the Goldens. I did learn stairway to heaven haha. well the begining of it :) ill have to finish the rest, haha but its so long and changes to electric guitar in the middle. but yeah ill do it. This week was good. we ended up with 18 confirmations in the zone in this month of july. we are animating to have the same success this month. time really does fly. its been a year since I was starting in Otuzco. its so weird. but it motivates me to work harder. The 28th of July is independence day for peru so this week was pretty crazy. Ive never seen so many people here in Huaraz. It was good for contacting people though and we did something called alzad la voz. (raise the voice) where we went with one of the districts in our zone to one of the areas to work hard for a couple hours. sent some pics. Last monday we went to this fair thing that there was inside the militial training base which was cool. lots of shops. Mom whits and courts would go crazy if they were here in Huaraz. we taught this week to a lot of less actives about sacrifice. we have to be willing to sacrifice everything for God. yesterday elder yat and I taught the class of 5th sunday to the whole ward. we focused on sacrfice as well and watched a video of when heber c kimball was called to serve a mission in england and had to leave his wife and kids. its turned out really well. We have been working with an older man named pedro. he has a baptismal date for the 11th. hes really excited and attended church yesterday, he has attended various times but has a problem with alcohol so we are helping him leave it completely. Its amazing how many people drink here. its like you are not a man if you don´t drink. its pretty dumb watching drunks all over the street doing foolish things. Im glad our family has never had that problem. seberiano our eternal investigator seems to be more serious now about his baptism. he has also a goal for the 11th. Overall Im happy and love you guys lots. hope you have a great week! didn´t get the package yet, but probably cuz the postal service of peru is on strike right now. haha. but it will arrive this week probably. going to trujillo this week so there will probably pics on the blog.  Love you
Elder Hurley

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