Thursday, August 9, 2012

July 30, 2012 Holy Pants!

Dear parents,
dad mostly just wanted to say thanks for how great you are and sharing your dream with me. Ill always been your son for eternity so don´t worry bout that. sounds like you are getting younger so anything is possible too. Thats cool that you listened to some of my old music. I was thinking about some of my old songs this week and I am worried to forget the lyrics that I wrote haha. But before I left I put them on a USB in the drawer in the kitchen that I claimed. its probably not there now, but if you could find that usb and put it in a safe place like in my guitar case that would be awesome so I can remember those songs when I return. also should be in a folder on the house computer under after mission chris or something. let me know is these things are still around or exist. haha another things, missionary mall said before if i need to replace my pants they can do it with a picture of my old pants. One of my pants is pretty holy so i sent some picture of that, maybe you could go there and try to get me some free pants. haha. luv u!

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