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President's visit to Huaraz and Caraz August 12, 2012

The President and Mama Yuyu

 At the base of the Huascaran Mountain lies a little town named Caraz.
It is about an hour and a half drive from Huaraz.
This city has about 20,000 people living there,
and two of them are our missionaries...

Elder Cottle and Elder Mendoza.

It is a very traditional mountain town in Perú...
with the traditional clothing and way of life.

But the most famous resident in Caraz is Mama Yuyu.
She is one of our pensionistas
to our missionaries.
And she is known all over the Church here in Perú.

She has been feeding missionaries for 30 years in October...
that was when she was baptized.
That is as long as President Turk and I have been married.
The most amazing thing is that she remembers all of the missionaries
and where they are from and everything about them.

She is not married and her children live in Lima.
The missionaries are her life.

President Turk had the opportunity while we were in Huaraz
to drive to Caraz and meet her.

She was so surprised and excited to see him.
She is so interesting to talk to.  She has great stories.
She knows all about Yungay, the city right next to Caraz
that was destroyed by the earthquake in 1970.

A huge mudslide covered the whole town of Yungay
and killed about 20,000 people.
There were only 99 that survived.
And she was there at that time and knows the survivors and the stories.
I need to do a whole blogpost on Yungay.
It is an interesting place. We have Elders there too

One of Mama Yuyu's favorite Elders was the one that she called King Baby
"Rey Bebé"

And that was Elder Retamal that has just returned home to Chile

She has sweet nicknames for all her Elders.
She loves and adores each one.
She really treats them as her own children.
All of our missionaries want to be transferred to Caraz 
to be with Mama Yuyu.

We are forever grateful for Mama Yuyu and her dedication
and love for the missionaries and the missionary work.

Thank you is just not enough... We love you Mama Yuyu!

PS - While I was reading up on Caraz on the internet, I found out that
her Sister City Internationally is Mesa, Arizona,
 where I am from...  Now I have even more of a love
for Caraz Perú!


Road Trip to Huaraz...

We are on the road to Huaraz...
and this truck is the first thing I see.
It reminded me of home.

 I had to put this picture up because my daughter Molly 
told me that the name 'Molly' is the number one 
dog name in the nation...
Well, maybe it is in the world!

Molly, this is a beautiful dog though... right?
Speak Molly,  Speak!

Huaraz is up in the beautiful mountains 
where many of the people still wear tradition 
Peruvian mountain clothing.
It is made of bright colors and big hats
and always a bundle of something on your back...  

But the best thing about Huaraz are the missionaries.
I love to see them.

We had two interview sessions, one with each District.
We also had a Zone Conference.

There were some fantastic special musical numbers.
Elder Vera is a fixture on the piano... He is talented. 

Here are a few photos of one of the districts doing some practices
with each other in companionships.
More music...
 Zone Leaders had them bring their mirrors from their rooms
so that they could practice looking at themselves as they were teaching.

The missionaries said that this was eye opening.
They are going to work on being a little more animated
and happy as they teach.
They are also going to clean their mirrors -  I hope.

The trip is always fast and furious.... and a little difficult for me 
because right when I finally get acclimated
it's time to go home.
I was dizzy for most the time I was there.

 This Zone Includes:
Elders: Fernandez, Shaw, Cruz, Fackrell, Ureta, Cottle, Mendoza,
Ramirez,  Beazer and Hoyos   Hermanas: Bell and Pillco

Zone Leaders below are 
Elder Yat and Elder Hurley

Huaraz Zone is under great leadership.

 We are always so happy to be with the Stake President and his wife
President and Hermana Zavaleta.

Thank you for your time and love with our missionaries.

We are out of here... Goodbye Huaraz!

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