Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentines Day in the Mission February 14th 2012 post from Sister Turk's Blog

Happy Valentines Day!

I didn't even say that once today while we were with 
the Central Zone.
It's not from lack of Love.
I love each one of these missionaries so much.
This is the most loving group of missionaries around.
They love the people here in Perú with all their hearts.
They just know that the Valentine love is something
to look forward too.
There is a time and a place for everything.

Sweet Elder Hargis has been doing double duty as Zone Leader.
His companion has been back in the financial office
and Elder Richards has been filling in as a mini Zone Leader.
But the brunt of it has fallen on this great missionary.
Thank you Elder Hargis.

Elder Hargis and Elder Richards did do some excellent training today
as well as the assistants Elder Vera and Elder Wright.

Hermana Montes and Hermana Pillco won the prizes for
Snakes and Ladders in the morning session.

The missionaries in the Central Zone are...
Elder Hargis, Elder Hurley, Elder Beazer, Elder Richards, 
Elder Randall, Elder Massey,Elder Ramos, Elder Zapata, Elder Quiroz, 
Elder Sumi, Elder Espinoza, Elder Frietz,
Hermana Avendaño, Hermana Bond, Hermana Pillco, and Hermana Montes.

President Turk and the Assistants are also pictured
Elder Vera and Elder Wright

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