Monday, May 21, 2012

May 15, 2012 Alma 26: 15, 22

Hey family! The scripture of the week is alma 26 verses 15 and 22. It was soo great seeing your faces and hearing your voices. it was like a dream! haha skype makes things cool.I hope mama had a good mothers day. I sure did haha. max is still a cutie. Well I spent most of the last week in trujillo. I realize I didn`t even talk about my week in skype haha. But yeah we left monday in the night time, to go to consejo de lideres. like a leadership council for all the leaders in the mission including district leaders and assigned sisters. It was really great. Wednsdeay we had consilio, which is like a council of just zone leaders and the president and the assistants. These meetings are always so special. we read alma 26. There are a couple pictures of me on the blog. Afterwards we did service where we cleaned up the chapels in trujillo. I got to mow the lawn for like 2 hours. It reminded me of my lawn business I have had since I was 12. It was fun. We went to catch our bus wednesday in the night time, but it turned out there was a stop between trujillo in and huaraz, like a strike or something from the miners and no one could go through. so we ended up staying in trujillo another day, slept over at the office elders place. It was a fun time. the next day we went to another zones meeting, and prosyletied in an area called laureles. It was cool just prosylited normal like a normal missionary without having to worry about leadership responsibilities. We made it back to huaraz friday in the morning. Sunday was good. I had an awesome lesson to prepared and had everything ready to go, even drew on the board, but we ended up joining with the other class cuz there wasn`t too many people. We found a gold family this week. a mom with 4 kids. when we went to teach them yesterday they said their dad didnt want us there. so sad. We went to Chavin today. It was soo awesome. I sent a couple pictures. but its like this old ruins temple. It was cool, it really seemed like a temple like from what we believe. There was like a side for entering for each gender. also looked like there was baptismal fonts haha. it was cool. Jett is such a cutie. for reals. I am so grateful for the family I have. I have met a ton of people, and a lot of families are really seperated and falling apart and not good. but I love how unified our family is. Its the best. Have a great week yall!
Elder Hurley

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