Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April 30, 2012

This week was Great!.
The scripture of the week is 2 Nephi 33:10-11.
I love nephi. or nefi. But really this week was awesome. finished off the month of april as a zone. the most baptisms that huaraz has ever had in one month here was 14. we had 14 as our goal for the month (we had 11 month of march and wanted to push out more) we animated like crazy and the whole zone was really diligent and obedient, and we made an all time record of huaraz, of 20 confirmations in the month of april. It was pretty awesome and we are going to celebrate today with the zone. We found some awesome new people. The key to missionary work is finding people that God has already prepared. We found this one lady whos name is ayde. She is really interested and has been searching for a church to attend. She and her 8 year old daughter both attended church yesterday and we are going to do a family home evening with them tonight. our goal is to have her and her daughter baptized the 12 of may. We have also been helping this older man to overcome alcohol, his name is zeberiano. he was preparing to be baptized for this saturday, but we think he might of drank on saturday in the night, we still need to check for that. but he came to church yesterday too which was awesome. had some interchanges this week, I went to Yungay, which is a little mountain town like an hour from here to interview some baptismal candidates. They dont have a church their or a baptismal font, but we made a font out of rocks in a river. We actually made two fonts, in two rivers, haha. the first i sent a picture, but they ended up getting baptized in the other river that had more clear water. sorry there is no picture. We also did service in the plaza of carhuaz, weeding and cleaning it up. Im glad mom made me weed all the time growing up. haha. on the way back there were these girls from peace corps visiting from the united states. It was weird to hear english haha i just heard them chatting behind us. We talked to them and contacted them, so we might teach them this week. This week was a little crazy with changes (transfers). We thought elder brito was going to go, but he is staying here in huaraz for the last change of his mission. i get to kill him. I think this is the first change of my whole mission where I haven`t had a drastic change. But we have some new elders coming to our zone which is exciting. Including Elder Armstrong, who was my companion in the MTC, he`ll be a district leader. and also my last companion elder Beazer is coming to our zone too. Also an Elder Terry, that you guys might know, I knew him before the mission, and we`d ride the bus together to school, he is also finishing his mission this change. He lives on the opposite side of 6000 by the rocks in the dip  ( kind of by where those polygamists used to live). will be great having him in our zone too. It was great hearing from you guys. I always love your letters. Thanks so much!. Im sending a little gift for jett today. let me know when you get it. Love you guys!
Elder Hurley

Homemade Pizza by Elder Hurley  and

 Pizza and Elders April 30, 2012
 Snowy mountain above Juarez
 Homemade font out of rushing river!

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