Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This week was fantabulous! hows my beautiful family? Im excited to talk to you guys on sunday. I am not sure what time it is there, especially with daylight savings time, so ill tell you my hours of availability here in peru. we have church from 2 till 5 here (peru huaraz time) so i can talk at 10, or 11 (here) or at 5:30 here) i think that should be like 7 30 there but maybe its like 3 30. the latest i can probably call is 6 15 my time. the call can only be 40 minutes long. I will call you guys. tommorrow (tuesday) or wednesday i am going to call the house phone for a pre call. it will probable be during the daytime, hopefully someone is there to pick up this time haha. but if nobody does, plan to receive my call at 6 o clock pm peru time next sunday. when i call these week have the hours best for you guys to tell me. This week was great. scripture of the week is alma 29:9-10. That is so awesome that you guys had 2 baptisms there! haha. a lot of my baptisms here have been to complete families too, really, the lord prepares the people who has part of their family as members already. I never thought I would use the party favors and cake mix that you sent me. but we found a way to use them! last monday we celebrated our 20 baptisms in april. we even baked up the cake! it was a fun time. we found a really prepared lady this week. a single mom who has two kids of 12 and 8 years. we only taught her once, and the first lesson she accepted to be baptized with her kids. we are hoping to get them baptized on the 26 of may. but we have to prepare them still. we are having a family home evening with them tonight with the stake presidents family. our investigator that was progressing that week we found drunk this week, which was sad, but we aren´t giving up on him. our other golden investigator may have moved to a different city. which stinks, but yeah. well this week I will be in trujillo for 2 days, tommorrow we have a council of all the leaders and wednesday a council of just the zone leaders and office elders. so ill prob show up on the blog this week. keep your eyes peeled!. Thanks dad for checking my bank and guitar. to answer your questions, we usually just have a little room with a bathroom and desks, nothing too fancy. but here in huaraz we live in the upstairs of a member family, and the mom/wife is our pensionista, so it makes it really convenient for laundry and eating. It is cool having elder Terry, beazer, and armstrong in our zone. Elder Terry is finishing his mission here and will be going back to highland on the 10th of june. happy birthday mom!. he´s been a zone leader the past 9 months and is finishing off here as senior companion. I hope courts had a blast at prom. Prom is always fun. i trust matt to take care of any boy problems :), since im not around. I cant wait to talk to you guys on sunday. Have a great week!

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