Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 10, 2012 Alma 60:11-13

Dear Family, This week was great. Lots of stuff happened this week. The scripture of the week is Alma 60:11-13. The christmas practices are going well, I have a small solo in la cancion del pueblo. And will be singin Oh holy Night also. I talked to sister turk and she said that this year she is going to have the christmas program Live on the blog. We´ll hope she can figure that out. We had the mission tour this week and Elder Hooker came. Him and his wife gave us some awesome advice and President taught us some cool things about the Godhead. Also my companion and I, president turk and the asistants had our stake presidents meeting with our stake president. We came well prepared and it went well. Rocio got baptized!!! by a hair. she passed her interview, everything was going perfect and the day of the baptism, the chapel had no water. We couldn´t fill the font!!! The water was supposedly going to arrive at 5. So we postponed the baptism for a few hours and she was very coorapative. In the end it still wouldn´t fill, we ended up just getting buckets of water and filled the font up one by one. There was barely enough water to baptize her but I got her totally immersed. and in the end it worked out. Converts dont get confirmed in their baptism so she will get confirmed this sunday. Liliana is progressing great. This past week she commited to not work on sundays. Which is huge cuz they don´t have money. Got the christmas package. Im saving it for christmas.... except the dr schools was ripped when it arrived soo.... im wearing em. oooh yeah. Yesterday I spoke in church, Taught second hour, And taught 3rd hour. fun fun. Have the best week of your life!!! sorry i don´t have much time to write.
 Rocio's Baptism 11/9/2012
elder hurley

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