Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 17, 2012 Luke 10:30-35

Dear Family,
This week was really great! The scripture of the week is Lucas 10:30-35. We had zone leader council with president this past week which is always an amazing experience. Learned more deeply about service. He who gives always gets more than he who receives. We played futbol after which is always really fun. As you know the Christmas program is going to be this week. I am also going to be singing a song I wrote at the mission christmas devotional on Tuesday and on Thursday  There was a missionary whose parents are coming to the show in Peru and they wanted to see him sing, I am already singing in a number and singing both days at the devotional so i'm giving him my les mis solo I was going to sing. either way you guys will see me in the o holy night song. I will pre call you guys this Friday  and will call on Christmas day. You guys can decide how you want to split up the 40 minutes if you want to do like 5 minutes each and 15 all together or something or just do it all together or all separated  however you wanna do it. We will just do the Skype thing like last time. I can probably do it any time on Christmas but best will probably be at like 2 in the afternoon. see what time will work best for everyone and we will decide on Friday when I call. This week we also did a service project where we basically torn down a whole house. Really fun. haha. Rocio is doing awesome and one of her daughters is really interested as well. They both attended church yesterday and tonight we are going to invite her daughter to be baptized. Liliana is still really close to accepting a baptism. She feels the spirit in every lesson. And the spirit really is the one who baptizes, not us. We did some work visits and I worked with one of our district leaders this week. Elder Bustinsa he is from puno Peru and we taught 7 lessons together that day. Thanks for all your updates, I love hearing all that you guys do. I am so grateful for every one of you. We have the best family in the whole world for reals. Have the best week of your life. Talk to you on Friday,
Elder Hurley 

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