Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 3, 2012 Acts 5:29

Dear Family,
This week was awesome.
The scripture of the week is Acts 5:29. By the way I have grown to love the bible so much more on my mission. And the book of mormon. Both are so important and the word of God. Thanks to all you for writing me! Sorry my letters aren´t that long I try to always hit the most important points of my week and still read all the letters and briefly respond. Overall This past week went really well with Elder Zarian. He is a good missionary and we have a similar work ethic. He will be a great zone leader and I am excited to work with him. He is from Idaho. The past week we had quite a few lessons and Rocio accepted to be baptized on the 9th. We met her other older daughter this week finally which was good to finally have met the whole family. A lot of people failed us and didn´t come to church which is always hard but we will just keep making inspired plans to help them. This past week we gave a training to the district leaders which is always fun. Every single companionship in our zone had a change this transfer cycle and we have 3 new missionarys with their trainers. We have a great zone though. We helped a companionship move and approve their new place and everything. I remember when I had to do that in area trujillo and it was so hard to move without help so we had some compasion. The christmas program is a huge thing we do in the plaza de armas of trujillo. So its for everyone. Ill be singing a solo from les miserables. And o holy night again like last year. sister turk just did auditions this year cuz a lot more people wanted to participate. Last year they just asked me if i could do it. This week we are having elder hooker of the seventy come talk to us which is going to be a real treat. Im glad that video finally got through. Overall I am doing really great and me and and Zarian are working really hard. We are hoping to see miracles and help people come unto christ. Thats so awesome the project that dad is doing. haven´t got the package yet but prob will soon. Yall need to stop worrying about me. I am on a mission for God what is the worst that could happen to me? God is protecting me and watching out for me every day physically and emotionally. I know that God really is supporting this work and I know he answers sincere prayers. I hope you guys have the best week of your life this week!!!
Elder Hurley

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