Tuesday, December 11, 2012

November 12, 2012 1 Corinthians 15:58

Dear Family,
This week was decent. The scripture of the week is 1 corinthians 15:58. Thanks for writing. This past week we had zone leader council with president which is always a really special meeting. Can see it on the blog. We taught a lot about the book of mormon and the gathering of israel and read a lot of quotes from elder russel m. nelson. That is so awesome that you guys had him in your stake conference! He spoke to us when I was in the MTC. The book of mormon is so important to bring about the gathering of israel. It is the evidence and the tool to bring it about. It is amazing to me that I have the opportunity to teach the children of the people who wrote in the book of mormon and then tell them about their fathers, and help them know that they too came from israel. Yesterday was a bummer, what breaks or makes the week is who we can get to sacrament meeting, and we had a lot of people commited but only got 3 there. We are working with some familys which is really exciting for me. I want to baptize a whole family, see them progress and be sealed in the temple. Sorry for those who write me that I don´t write back. I can only communicate through email brothers, sisters, parents, and grandparents. Anyone else only through written letters. But just know I love all of you and thanks for writing me. I too never wanted to go to BYU till God helped me make that decision. God always guides us if we just ask. Today we went to a place called conache, hiked up this huge sand hill and at lunch at the very top, it was pretty fun with our zone. Im singing in the christmas program again this year and we got the the office with sister to practice on mondays. I am doing a choral quortet thing and a solo in a different song. I really love music. Dad really knows how to distract a missionary saying how much powder there is in the mountains. haha just kidding. But here it feels so hot every day but it is really probably on like 80. Don´t think they put that video on yet but is that memory card I sent just totally ruined? cuz that was completely full of pictures on it too. :( oh well.  Overall I love each one of you. Thanks ma for your testimony. Testimony is always growing or shrinking, make sure its growing. I encourage everyone to read more out of the book of mormon.  have a great week!
Elder Hurley 

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