Friday, January 18, 2013

December 31, 2012 1 Peter 3:21

Dear Family,
It was great seeing you this week. You guys are so beautiful. The scripture of this week is 1 peter 3:21. We finished off the year as a mission with 1902 converts. It was an amazing year. Last year there was about 1350. Couple questions before I forget. could someone find out how much an EFY councilor makes in a summer or an MTC teacher. It would be cool to know those things. Tom, what part of ecuador did you serve in? we have 4 elders in our zone from ecuador. Everyone always points our that Mom looks really young and really beautiful. The first thing that all the latins say. Hope that makes you feel good mama. cuz its true!! THis week we baptized angyela. She a true conversion. We were teaching her family for about 2 months before we actually met her. One night she entered while we were teaching her family and we met her. We got to know here a little and she really wanted nothing to do with us or the church or any religion. She really seemed kind of angry that we were there. In the next visit we had with her mom she acompanied us. We just shared a little message about prayer and the scriptures and sabbath day. She felt the spirit. Every since that lesson she kept feeling the spirit and went to church and felt it even more, read and prayed a lot about the book of mormon. and after attending church 2 times got baptized the following saturday. She shared the strongest testimony in her baptism and the spirit was so strong. We now are focusing to baptize her dad and little sister. to complete the whole family. For chrismas we watched the polar express and ate with the missionaries here in laredo. For new years tonight we are just entering the room early (to avoid all the drunks) and nothing else. Hope you guys have a happy new year!!! I want to invite you all to make goals for this years but along with the goals to put plans of how you are going to do it. Cuz without specific plans it never happens haha. Thanks for being so awesome. Talk to you next year!

Elder Hurley

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