Friday, January 18, 2013

January 7, 2013 James 5:19-20

Dear Family!!!
This week was grrreeaatt!
Last week of the change. everything stays the same. Except a missionary in our zone finished his mission and now I am officially the oldest in our zone :(. haha. The scripture of the week is James 5:19-20. We found some more families this week! I absolutely love teaching families. It looks like we are going to be marrying some people this change. We found a family of 6 who is really awesome. Yesterday all 6 of them came to church for all the hours. Rocio and angyela are doing really awesome. I love seeing strong converts. We are finding a lot of new people to teach which helps us filter the people who are prepared to receive us and those who are not. Im glad you guys had a great new years. I love hearing you guys. We presented our new zone goal for january and we have felt to put it at 15. We spelled out 15 with hand sanatizer in the dark and lit it on fire while we read some scriptures about baptism by fire and It was really cool. Overall I don´t need anything I have everything I need. My dr schools inserts combined with the socks grandma sent me are a great combo and these shoes will last me till the end don´t worry. I know god really is protecting us and can guide each one of us through his holy spirit. I invite you all to search hard for what God expects out of you. Have a great week!!!  elder Hurley

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