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Zone Leader Conference January 16, 2013 from Sister Turk's Blog


Jam Packed Day with the Zone Leaders

We had 4 hours of great training with these men this morning....

... including a special musical number and going over the spiritual numbers.

We had a beautiful lunch with Lucy's roast beef and yummy potatoes...
and Cinnamon rolls for dessert with a ton of frosting 
applied by these gentlemen.
Thanks for the help... you can never have enough frosting.

Lucy's cinnamon rolls are scrumptious and she makes them 
with love for all of these Elders that she considers her own.

I had my favorite matching game going on after lunch...

If they pick up two discs with the same animal
they win a prize... today it was Pinkberry yogurt.

 The game is easier than it seems. There are eight of each animal.
Oops Elder Castillo got a horse and a cow... sorry.
I surprised them all and took everyone for a Pinkberry.

The missionaries love to lay down on the carpet because you 
don't see carpet anywhere in the homes here.

Below are our five newest Zone Leaders....
Elder Quispe, Elder Mieles, Elder Wallace, Elder Cook
and Elder Levos.  Just when you think they can't get
any better than what we have.... TA- DA... some more great ones!

After lunch it was off to do a few hours of service...
We went to a couple of the chapels and scrubbed down
hundreds of chairs... There was a lot of scrubbing, 
some strong chemical smells and it got pretty sudsy. 

So sudsy and slippery in fact,  that we had a couple of our Elders go down...

Thank goodness no one was injured...
Who knew that scrubbing chairs could be this dangerous.

Elder Levos is tough... he's wet, but he's tough.

Elder Olivares looks like he is wearing a Jewish Kippah.

The Elders did a lot of great work and it was
so fun because they got to wear a mask.

Thanks to our mopping committee...
Elder Wallace and Elder Mecham

Of course on the way out of the church
we had to have a quick shoot out, kick off, 
whatever they are called, I can't remember again.

And then off to our newest addition to trujillo.... Pinkberry Yogurt.
It was hilarious to see some of the combinations of the toppings.
There would be kiwi with gummy bears with cheese cake bites
and waffle cones
all with some other golden fruit berries from the jungle
 on top of Lucuma flavored yogurt - Wow....

 We packed the store with all our Zone Leaders.
The workers had to take photos of all of them in the store.
And of course President Turk
and the Elders were getting referrals from the workers.

It was a nice treat and we hope more that it is a nice
introduction to the Gospel of Jesus Christ for someone.
Life Changing Yogurt run...

Zone Leaders you are the Best Ever!
We love each one of you!

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