Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013 Job 13:15

Dear Family,
This past week was really good and really busy. The scripture of the week is Job 13:15. We had lots of meetings and lots of plannings to do this past week. We had our zone training on tuesday. It went well and we put some good planning into it. If I haven´t learned anything on my mission, I have learned of the importance of planning to have success. We also had our interviews with president turk. We had to organize pretty much everything with the lunch and refreshments and stuff. It turns out good and we even ate cake for my birthday! We found some really good new investigators this past week. One of which has accepted baptism and has received an answer to her prayers. That is the best part about this work, that we are not alone. But God is with us and his spirit really testifies to the people we are teaching when they show faith. Last monday after I took out my birthday money from western union we found a guy on the street selling guitars.... They were really nice ones too and cheap. After some long negotiating and after the office said I could buy one to give to the office till the end of my mission. I bought a 10 string acoustic guitar. it was only 70 bucks. and it isn`t that big so it should be easy to bring home. :) We are working a lot more efficiently with the members of our ward and it really is the best way. We found 12 new investigators this week and 9 of them were references from members. I thank all of you who have writtin me this last week. I can really feel your support and love. THis week we have the chance to listen to elder Bednar and we are so excited. I hope you have the best week of your life!!!
Elder Hurley

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