Monday, April 22, 2013

April 15, 2013 Daniel 2:44-45

Dear Family,
This week was great!!! The scripture of the week is Daniel 2:44-45. We had a baptism! Her name is Flor. She is really awesome. I will try to send pictures of the baptism. She was baptized with her little 8 year old kid. Her husband is a less active member but now the whole family are members and we are working so that he activates and that they get sealed later. His father (her father in law) baptized her which was special as well. Its always best to try to have the members baptize them. Especially family.  We have a new announcement in the mission that we can now write our friends and extended family members. So if anyone wants to write me that is reading this letter you can send me an email now at and I can actually respond to you. Craziness  If you could somehow send me the email address of people that you think I might know  I would love to have them. Especially Dayton De Jongs and Willie Atkin, Willie is on his mission but if you can get me his mission address it would be great. Anyone else I might know as well would be great. Thank you for your birthday wishes. This past has been busy, this week is always busy and next week and the week after that. So time is basically flying it is sad. We had a district leader training which went well and also had a meeting with our stake president. He invited us to come give a 15 minute training to the bishops in the stake which was such a great opportunity. We talked to them about setting goals and making plans and the importance of unity and delegating. Also I wanted mom to know I play piano in church every week here in this ward so your dream of me playing piano on my mission for the wards that have no pianist is completed :) Tommorrow we have our zone training and on Wednesday president Turk is coming to Chimbote for interviews and we have to organize a lot of stuff. I am excited. Next week we get to have a conference with Elder Bednar. I am so grateful for the gospel and for the good influences I have had my whole life. I Know that Jesus Christs church really was restored and he himself called upon Joseph smith to bring back lost truths. I feel the spirit every time I share about the restoration and I know it really happened. I also know through my study and fervent prayers that the book of Mormon is the literal word of God. I Know that the bible is also the word of God and helps us to learn more about Christ's nature. I know by the holy spirit that Tomas S. Monson really is a and the prophet upon the earth and that if God wants to tell us something , he will do it through Thomas s. Monson. I know that the gospel blesses families and the a family can be together forever. I Am very grateful for this knowledge. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Love you guys so much.
ELder Hurley

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