Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 1, 2013 D&C 101:77-80

Hey family,
This week has been crazy awesome. The scripture of the week is DandC 101:77-80. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COURTNEY.!! Yes dad I did get the money and thank you so much for helping me with my BYU schedule! you are the best. There was an earthquake her nearby chimbote a 5.6 everyone said it was shaking pretty bad but we were in a car driving and didn`t even feel it. Today has been crazy. We moved rooms. Our current room hasn`t been that great and is actually a garage rather than a room haha but our new room is good. We finally got everything. Im jealous the other day I remembered grandmas hot dog potatoes. lucky!! Thanks for writing me and sending me pictures. March flew by. I am really excited for the general conference!! and speaking of apostles. David Bednar is coming to my mission! woohoo. I love that apostle. He is going to be a prophet some day for sure. Just look at a picture of all the apostles and prophet and ask yourself . . who is going to be around in 25 years?.. haha. We had our multizone this past week and president came to chimbote. It went really well. also elder zarian is going to be the new assistant!!! he will do great. my companion and I with a high councilor in our ward organized a stake mission activity that was realized yesterday. It turned out really good we had 3 work shops focused on new converts, members, and investigators, WE got pres turks councilor pres. mendez to come speak and we had some great results. Life is busy and I wouldn`t have it any other way. GOing to trujillo this week for concilio. I love you all so much have a great week!!!
Elder HUrley

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