Monday, October 29, 2012

September 24, 2012 Jeremia 33:3

Dear Family,
This week was really great! The scripture of the week is Jeremias 33 verse 3. Sounds like you guys are doing really well. Im trying to send the pictures that didn´t send last time so.. enjoy! This week was really aweseome. Yesterday we had 8 of our investigators come to church. We have a couple of people who may be baptized this week. There is a girl named greissy who has been active in the church for a long time and has wanted to be baptized for a while but hasn´t been able to cuz her dad doesn´t want to give permission. Her mom is a member but doesn´t want to go against her husbands will. We have been trying to teach him since I got here. We finally got the chance this week. Focused on him and and some really great lessons with him. The spirit totally helped us now how to reach him and he opened way up. He even shared some spiritual experiences that he had had in his life. And he was even choking up as he did it. In the end he told us that greisy can be baptized if she wants but he whats to consult it with his other older children( who are less active members and a lot of the reason he didn´t want her to be baptized and not fulfill her commitment). We are going there to do family home evening tonight But she could possibly be baptized this week. We also found an 18 year old girl who was listening to the missionaries before I got here. Turns out she is really prepared and knows all the lessons and was just worried what her mom would think about baptism. We taught her mom this week and she seems happy about the idea. So hopefully we can see these miracles this week. Sounds like everyone is doing great and as busy as ever. Hows jett doing? does he walk? does he talk? how is is physical development haha? there are always moms with there babies here and I always think of how jett would be doing. Overall life is really good and we are really close to completing our goal as a zone, this is the last week, we lack 5 to complete the goal, and we have 4 dates in the zone for this week. So we know we can do it. Thanks for all your support! Loves,

ELder Hurley

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