Monday, October 29, 2012

October 15, 2012 D&C 76:51-53

This week was good.
My sister is married!!!! woo hoo! WHAT A BUMMER that the song I wrote and sent didn´t work. Try putting the sd card in a camera and seeing if it can play. The scripture of the week is Doct. and cove. 76:51-53. This week was pretty good. we are seeing miracles in our zone and have really great missionaries in our zone. This week was stake conference for us and it was really great and spiritual. President turk bore his testimony in it and the spirit was way strong. We started teaching english this week which was cool. just 2 students to start with haha but we will grow. Today was fun pianoed for a while. SOrry my time is totally out right now but I will write a big letter next week. HOpe you all know I love you. Let me know if you get that video watched somehow.  

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