Monday, October 29, 2012

October 9, 2012 Matthew 7:13-14

Dear Family,
This week was grrreeeaaatt. The scripture of the week is Matthew 7:13-14. Sorry I totally forgot to tell you guys about the second package that I did receive already actually like 2 or 3 weeks ago. I was refering to the 1st package. seems like it got to trujillo but its not there now, not sure, if you could just get the phone number of the lady that is sending it from lima it would make things easy. Conference was awesome.That is cool that the ages have changed. I know I would have had an even more successull freshman year knowing all the things I have learned on the mission haha. in peru that was already the age that people could leave. we are stoked for the new temple in araquipa. I know 2 people that are serving in that mission. So thats exciting. Trujillo temple is actually being built now they are digging and stuff apparantly. Haha. This past week was pack full of meetings. lidership council and zone leader council with president and general conference. General conference was SO GOOD. I think I got more out of this conference than I had in any other previous one. I especially loved the talk from pres. monson in priesthood that says we should not look at people how they currently are, but look at what they can become. I love that so much. Sounds like everything is getting ready for the wedding. thats really exciting. Well today i played tennis. !!! oh you guys are probably wondering why I didn`t write yesterday, P day got changed to tuesday this week cuz there was a country side service day yesterday and we proselited and did service yesterday. But last week my companion and I bought tennis rackets and a few balls and there is a place in our zone with a tennis court. So we went and played today. It was so fun. We  have a lot of baptismal dates in our zone and are becoming more unified each day. Sounds like everyone is happy and doing well. please send lots of pictures of the wedding. I am so happy about it for realls!! Greisy is getting closer to being able to be baptized and we found a lot of new people to teach this past week. Overall life is great.
Elder Hurley

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