Monday, October 29, 2012

September 17, 2012 3 Nephi 27:10

Dear Family. This week was great and faith building.
The scripture of the week is 3 nephi 27 verse 10. I have lots of pictures to send but I cant cuz i only have 5 minutes to tell you guys everything I want to. We baptised Jesus this week. It was a really hard week for him. He has a handicaped child in a wheelchair. In the start of the week his kid had to have his kidney removed. In the middle of the week, the same kid got Kidney stones. He had a really trying week. But pressed on with faith and didn`t drink and Got baptized. He is 47 and really awesome. We are hoping to baptize his wife next. Sounds like there are lots of changes at home. THATS AWESOME THAT WHIT IS GETTING ENGAGED!!!!. CONGRATS. I approve. Im so happy for her for reals. we do have the best family every and we are all maturing so rapidly! This past week was awesome. We did a training for our zone for like 2 and a half hours that went really well. Our zone is really animated and we are doing all we can to complete our goal this month. THis zone hasn`t met there goal since april. Today was awesome. WE went to a little lake thing as a zone that was only like 15 minutes away. We also climbed up this huge sand hill, played frisbee and a little futbol and ate lunch. It was so fun. Ill send pictures next week cuz I cant write now. Dad, according to my little minister card I end the 15th of may 2013. Its gotta be really close to that if not that exact date. Mom was talking about maybe wanting to come pick me up. It really depends on you guys. I defenitely want to come back to Peru some day and yes there is a ton here for tourists haha. Well I gotta go. but ill write more next week! thanks for writing me everyone!
elder Hurley

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