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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tuesday Christmas Devotional

Just a quick sample of what has been going on these last two days.
These photos were taken before the first
Christmas Devotional.

Half the mission was in on Tuesday.
The Devotional was sweet.
We had the new videos from the Church
on the Birth of Christ.
There are six very short videos 
and in between each one we had a special musical number.

Elder Guymon sang a solo, Elders Canaan and Chun sang a duet, Elder Vera played a piano
medley, Elder Hurley wrote a song and had Elder Meza from Mexico sing with him while
he played the piano.  Elder Bulmini sang How Can I Be... with a slide show of the missionaries.

The refreshments were set up like a giant Jenga game.
They are so creative.
Later in the day during the practice for the Program...
Dr. Gough and his wife gave a present to the missionaries
by teaching them a few techniques on stress management.
He is also playing a major roll in the 
Program in the Plaza.
He is our Papa Noel or Father Christmas
or Santa Claus... whatever you call Him.
Photos of the program are coming...
No time right now.

Oh by the way
It was pouring rain on Tuesday right before the show.

We prayed.
It stopped.
A thousand People Came
Huge Success!

Should be bigger and better on Thursday.

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