Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011 3 Nephi 18:19-21

Hello beautiful family,
Loved your letters as usual, mom, dad, and courtney win the prize for most faithful writers. (via email). 

The scripture of the week is 3 Nephi 18:19-21.

19 Therefore ye must always pray unto the Father in my name;
 20 And awhatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, which is right, believing that ye shall receive, behold it shall be given unto you.
 21 aPray in your families unto the Father, always in my name, that your wives and your children may be blessed.

 yeah. First to reply to ya´ll, for mama, yes i have huge conainers of water, and haven´t used a filter once. haha. and yes there is pineapple here. more then there. When we drive to Trujillo we can see all the pineapple plants growing and it reminds me of when we went to the dole factory in hawaii. Chevare. Speaking of fruit. I can eat bananas here. no idea why, but i am not as allergic to the bananas here and i love bananas. i think in the US i am allergic to whatever they inject the raw bananas with haha. Sounds like you all are doing good. My companion wants the recipe for those rice crispy bars that you sent last time, if possible mom :) Tell grandpa i hope he gets better and that i love him. I need pictures of the baby when he comes. I found out for christmas and mothers day, for our calls we can use Skype. So if that works out that would be awesome. The zone conference you saw was really good. I always feel refreshed after those meetings. I ran into an Elder Terry that looked way familiar and I talked to him, he´s from Highland and was a friend i used to talk to in middle school or high school. Cool. I attached some pics of my district with the president, and of Milluachaque. I promise you´ll get pics of Otuzco some day. This week was good. I am getting better at speaking from my heart in spanish. Which is good. The guy I said was golden last week, we visited him this week and his friend was there too. He was this really gospel smart adventist, seemed nice enough at first. But we didn´t get to teach much, he told us like all the history of his church, and was a discussion, and it got worse and worse, The best thing to do there is testify and leave. Elder Contreras and him went back and forth with the bible for a time. Eventually, this guy got to talking about joseph smith ( he was knowlegable about our church) but said he couldn´t have been a prophet because he worshipped on sunday and he believed the sabbath is saturday. anyways i had never experienced the church getting torn apart that much, and my testimony grew tremendously in this time. at the end I felt full of power and testified with all my heart to this guy, that we know if a prophet is true or not based on his fruits (Matt. 7:15-16) and that the Book of Mormon is the fruit of Joseph Smith and that I know without a doubt it is true. Invited him to read and pray, and then we prayed and left. Not sure if the ¨golden¨ planned that guy to be there or what but I still have hope for him. Taught english again. Getting more organized as a teacher, and we had more people attend this week. My music cravings have been more or less helped by this recorder in our pension home. (recorder as in those little flutes you play in 4th grade). Way fun to figure out songs, and getting better. from pirates of the carrabean to hymnos, it´s a good time. haha also played in sacrament meeting yesterday, hymns, i´d never played before that had 4 flats, did pretty well actually, i think that ability is increasing too. If you haven´t already sent the package, maybe you could send a cd of allred christmas, (my companion loves christmas music all year long and we can listen to the hymns every day) if you can find that cd haha. don´t worry too much about that though. Overall the work is good, now is my first change, ( transfer) but nothing changes for us. Life is good, have family home evening. I love you guys
Elder Hurley

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